I have not recieved shipment my preorder placed in 2015


I am just wondering when I am going to get my shipment my order number is {removed}. I appreciate reply on this. Thanks.



If you notice at the top of the forum page you will see this information which should help:

Glowforge® Deliveries: Latest Schedule

Crowdfunding Campaign: We’re scheduled to ship all orders placed before Oct 25 2015 by July 31, 2017.
Post-Campaign: We are scheduled to ship all units ordered after the campaign by August 31, 2017.
Other details: For email updates, click “Announcements”, then the circle in the top-right, then “Watching First Posts”. You can find great information at our FAQ, by emailing support@glowforge.com, or reading here.

Prerelease units are shipping and we’re working like mad to make sure your Glowforge is absolutely wonderful and in your hands ASAP!




Heheh, the email signature got added to the post. That threw me.


You may want to remove your order number from the OP for your own safety.



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Whats with the Outlook?
Feels a bit spammy.


Email response to the forum from a phone. Many phones (and their apps) put a default signature at the bottom of the emails.


But not his first post?
Maybe from his PC?


Correct. To create a topic post, a browser or Discourse app works best.

Once someone enables email notification (in their profile preferences), you can reply from your email client.


I thank you sir.


wow. I wonder if that works with auto OOO messages? hm… :rolling_eyes:


It should. Now you’d want to set your OOO message to only send one such reply so you wouldn’t spam the forum with dozens or even hundreds, but I expect everyone would know to do that :wink:

The real question I think everyone has is if your OOO message wound up going to someone else with an OOO and neither of you did the “only send one” option, would your email systems engage in a death match of reflecting OOO emails back & forth? How long before you took down the Internet? :sunglasses:


LOL! perpetual reciprocal spam.
(btw, I turned off my “email notifications” for this forum. just in case.)


I’ve been on a mailing list that had that happen. Only took 1 user who had the settings to send copies of all messages including their own. Add on responses requesting them to stop and it snowballed very quickly.


I’m sorry, but I am unable to reply directly until April 6, 2018.

Please be patient until my return :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:rolling_eyes: :confounded::fearful:


What’s “OOO”? The only thing I know of that uses that initialism is Open Office.Org.


out of office


Ornery ordinary opossums? :sunglasses: