I just wanna drag & drop (Posting SVG files from AI to the forum)

It has come to my attention that it can be difficult to post .svg files created in Adobe Illustrator CC here on the forum. You may see an error that says that “the size of the file cannot be determined, your file might be corrupt”, and that is annoying when you want to share something. I first wrote this in the tangram thread, but thought I should make it it’s own thing so it is easy to find.

I wanted to drag & drop an svg that I had exported from AI.

I could not. WTF, mate?

Searching seems to have found a solution:

Use the Save As or Save a Copy dialogue (Do not use Export or Export for Screens)
Make sure the Responsive box is NOT checked!
If you are using Inches or Centimeters as your units, set Decimal to 3.
If you are using px as your units, set Decimal to 1.

Here is a screenshot of the settings that worked for me.

All sorted out now… I think. Maybe this will help others who had the same problem. It is pretty weird that “Save As” and “Export” do not display the same SVG setting options, and “Export for screens” doesn’t give me any SVG sub-settings at all.

Happy posting, dragondrop away!




Thanks for sharing. I like it when folks post the SVG that displays as a graphic. It definitely helps in evaluating the file with the visual.


Just testing uploading an SVG created in CorelDRAW. Just did a Save As from CorelDRAW and then dragged that file into a new message. By default, it set the width and height tags to the dimension in inches (8 x 11). I could see a tiny spec on the screen. I deleted those tags and now works. Well, it worked in the preview of the message but not when I actually posted it. I manually added height and width tags and now it’s working.

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I can see a non-clickable “sample svg” about 1/4" in size at the bottom of your post.

I can save it to my computer with a right click and save. Inkscape opens it fine. Text box is a little more than 1.7" X 0.8"


Thanks for checking. That’s all it was. Just typed Sample SVG in a blank CorelDRAW file just to see what would happen. Sounds like it would be functional if I had a real SVG file to share.

just rename the file.svg to file.txt and have the end user just rename it?