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Project done with a Glowforge Pre-Release


Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 25th, 2017

Wow, electronics box fitted just perfect! And a very straightforward process.


Wow, I nearly geeked out on that video. Nice project showing the GF too. :grinning: - Rich


A great project!


It’s SO kick ash!! I got an arduino a few months ago, and haven’t had time to play much with it yet, but I know that it has so many possible uses!!


Well, now I want to make a couple sets of those lights for our Sondors electric bikes. Could just wire it right in and skip the battery.



Hmm… I just happen to have extra Arduino, a NeoPixel strip and a lithium bike light battery laying around! :slight_smile:


That’s so awesome! Lots of possibilities. (Even though I am a complete idiot when it comes to circuits/electronics etc. and most of the video sounded like, “lights blah blah blah, board blah blah zip tie bike blah blah blah lights!” lol.)


Very cool. LED strips + arduino + laser cutters. Endless possibilities.


There are smaller Arduino compatible boards too, like the Trinket (adafruit) which are only an inch long and under 3/4" wide, which really makes things compact. However the Trinket board doesnt have enough memory to drive all 144 LED’s (I’ve tried) but it handles 60 LED’s OK.

I have a long background with circuits and electronics but it was the programming with Arduino that kept me from diving in for a long while… then I finally went for it, and it’s a snap. There’s so many programs already done out there that you can always find one to do what you need, with a few simple edits.


Yeah. That’s pretty sweet. I need to do an LED project soon!


That’s good to know. I’m interested in it, but until recently it just looked still to complicated for me to try. It’s encouraging to see that it’s getting to the point where folks like me could at least start to dabble. I do see the awesome possibilities with it.


Teensy is your friend. The original ones have a touch more available memory than an arduino, and there are ARM-based ones that go up to a megabyte of flash… There are also some cheap wireless boards about 1.5x1.5" that have multiple megabytes. I really need to buckle down.


If people wanna collaborate on some sort of Arduino project, I’d love to be a part of it. I have no background in programming or electronics, but I can make an Arduino do stuff. Start a thread if you’ve got an idea.


This is super cool!


It really is. I’d planned on lining my bike with EL wire, but now maybe I’ll go LED. Putting some RGB LEDs on means some cool effects I hadn’t thought of before. And he mentioned tail lights and I thought how cool it’d be to attach a trigger to the brakes and have working brake lights while I’m at it.


Or use the accelerometers to detect sharp deceleration to light the brake light.


Absolutely. Also for the main lighting, add speedometer input to change the color of the LEDs based on speed. And maybe an odometer to change the lights based on distance. Now that would be fun. So many possibilities when you add a frickin’ Arduino to your bike of all things. :slight_smile:


Here’s a starting point. They even used a box that looks pretty laser. Note: laser is now an adjective.


Thanks! Man… SO many projects I have in my mind. Perhaps someday I won’t be away from home for work purposes for 70+ hours a week… :sigh: