I’m having an issue with cooling

I’m having an issue with cooling.
My 1 hour 30 minute cut gas stopped at 51 seconds left to go. It’s been cooling for 55 minutes now.

*I cleaned both my internal fans often. My external vent and exhaust hose is clear
*There is nothing blocking the intake vent that I can see
*I have a house fan blowing on the lower right side of my GF
*The hose venting outside leaves the GF at a 90 degree goes up on a 45, then down and out the window at a 45-degree angle. Nothing is blocking it.
*It’s 75 outside / 72 inside-Low humidity - light breeze
*I just noticed that my dashboard filer setting is toggled ON (It’s Teal) to say that I have a filter attached. I changed it to OFF/Gray 10 minutes ago - no change

Any additional suggestions?

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Leave it on since the fan is actively trying to cool it - but barring it actually being a heat issue some folks have found that one of the cord connections gets loose and this error pops for some reason.

If it hasn’t come back to finish after 1 hour and 30 minutes you may need to cancel and reboot - but figure out what was left to do in the 51 seconds, and you can create a file with just those movements. As long as you don’t move your material at all you should be able to line it up with the prior art in your GFUI (ignore what it looks like on the material. Match exactly to the art in your GFUI) set your prior art to ignore and set the 51 second job to go and finish your piece.


I did exactly that! I created an outline around the last part and removed all the remaining elements. My print finished fine.

I’ve heard both leave the filter on the GF turned on and off. I truly don’t know which is the best.
So, I turned the filter to OFF/Gray. I believe that I’ve had it there since I added the inline. I’m thinking that it’s possible that I accidentally turned it On/Teal a few days ago and that was causing intermittent cooling errors.


Yay for finishing your cut!

If you have either a filter or an external fan that should be On/teal - it turns off the internal fan which is the loud thing that most people add an external fan to do away with.

I’d take a flashlight and a camera and try to get a good look at every connection on your board, and then post those pictures here - if there’s a break that you notice then obvi point that one out, but sometimes their techs catch things in photos that most people (me) would totally miss.

I am having the same issues, although mine isn’t stopping to cool, but I literally did a 16 second cut and it had to cool down afterwards. I recently switched from the air filter to the inline fan thinking that that was the issue with the filter being filled up, but I doubt that that was the case. I cleaned my fans and still am having the issue. I’m not sure what to do next aside from reaching out to support…

Only one person can be helped per thread. If you’ve already reached out to support you should continue following the instructions they provide via email. If you haven’t yet reached out, you should create your own post in P&S and provide details of your issue there.

Hello @jreif1 I’m so sorry you were having an issue cooling down. It looks like chatted with us yesterday and we’ve been able to resolve the issue. I will go ahead close this thread.

@stephaniemelito I’d really love to take a look and get you back up and running as soon as possible. Please send us an email or start a new thread and we’ll be able to assist.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you ever have any questions or concerns.