I made a thing on the Glowforge (pre-release)



Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

Very nice – I especially liked expanding the back layer by 200%, it really made it pop. :+1:




Really liked that!


Great video! :relaxed:

(And I was nearly ticked off because I thought Glowforge was holding out on some red acrylic…whew!)


Nice pep talk! Gosh. I have got to get a decent table saw. Your sled is great and the whole process of design well done. Thanks!


Took some mental notes about the whole artistic creativity thing. I feel creative, just not artistically. Guess I just need to get over myself before my kid permanently inherits it!


Oh yay! I have been waiting for this since the video on the frame! :slight_smile:



Would be cool if the background was transparent red acrylic then you could edge light or backlight for some real wild shadow effects!


Holy mackerel. That’s awesome!


Awesome picture frame and great art.


When I saw your frame video I knew you built the art on the Glowforge!
Super cool project!


That’s really cool, and simple. Really creative use of negative space and like @Jules at first I thought "red, how did he get red proof grade?" but that’s even cooler to know you can do that with just spray paint!

BTW: the frame is really elegant.


Great project and spiel on creativity. Thanks for sharing it here.


I had conversations like this with an art teacher/artist on Saturday and my 17 year old very artistic niece on Sunday. I consider myself a designer and not a artist. I come up with creative designs but I need tools like CorelDRAW, a vinyl printer/cutter, a CNC router, and soon a laser engraver to bring those ideas into the real world. I watched in awe as my niece used color pencils to freehand draw an almost photo-quality sketch of a statue using her own creative choices of colors. It’s all just different ways to express one’s creativity.


My thought too!
Thinking of a clear in the back with color changing LED edge lit… or even switching between layers.

Very cool @makesomething! That palm wood looks amazing, and the light inlay really dresses it up! :+1:
Thank you for the inspiration! :sunglasses:


I must say… in every possible way… you nailed it! 100%! Simple and elegant!


Beautiful work. I really like the Coconut Palm as a frame.


You have a laser now…
And seem to be inspired…

Just saying :slight_smile:


It is a catalyst for my creativity :+1::sunglasses: