I need to wipe down the inside of my Glowforge after printing on a pumpkin

Anything I should be careful of? What a mess!


Unplug the machine first.

Use paper towels lightly moistened with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Be careful around the cables, and don’t open the lid fully upright.

Let it dry overnight before firing it up again.

Hate to tell you this, but if it made that much of a mess on the glass and tube, it likely made one hell of a mess on your exhaust fan too, and sticky gourd is not something that’s going to do any good to your fan. You are going to need to clean that. Probably the air assist fan too.

Instructions for cleaning the exhuast fan:

Instructions for cleaning the air assist fan:

And thank you for posting this…I won’t be cutting a pumpkin up except with a sharp knife. :grimacing:


I think there was others who only scorched the outer skin and not trying to cut the inners.


Since I just got through giving mine a thorough cleaning the day before yesterday (which takes a couple of hours) I’d rather not take the chance. :smile:


Thank you!

I only engraved the outer layer as well.


simple green safety wipes work wonders to get smoke grime off the machine. I have no idea how they work on pumpkin soot.

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Looks more like exploded spaghetti squash :roll_eyes:


Better you than me—your pumpkin looks fantastic but I’m too lazy to do the cleanup.

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On the same note, When I wiped it down immediately following, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the picture indicated. It was a dry and ‘spiderwebby’ Not gooey or wett.


This is a great question!

I’m glad everyone was able to provide some good suggestions. You can find more information about what to clean and where here.

I’ll close this topic for now, but please do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@glowforge.com in the future if you run into any trouble.