I still have not gotten any word regarding delivery date

I am part of the original crowdfunding campaign, and I was wondering how I could find out more about when my glowforge is going to ship. The only thing I know is that it’s supposed to be shipped by July 31, 2017.

If I could get someone to look into this for me it would be great. I am trying to get a more specific date so I can make arrangements to receive it , as I may not be in the country at the time.


That date is about all the information we know at this time. You will get an email requesting shipping information before anything happens and at that time you can request more specifically a date for when you wish to receive that Glowforge to fit your schedule.


You’ve got the most up to date delivery time we know of. Stay tuned for the next monthly update which should be soon™. Possibly some insight there.


I do hope this thing lives up to all the expectations. I think we’ve been very patient up to this point.
I hardly check this forum any more, it’s very frustrating and painful to look at the stuff people have made
and not be able to do the same.

I’m also starting to have to repeatedly tell my friends ," ya, my Glowforge is coming any time now."
since I was telling everyone about it when I initially placed my order. It’s
starting to make people think I’m full of BS.


I think you’re going to make believers out of them pretty soon. :relaxed:


I think this is a huge part of why they delayed again, once you make people wait their expectations go up. Delivering a crap product after so much time would be the death of GF.

I am expecting a warm glow in the forges of my heart. ;p


sure feels like I’m going to die of old age before they send it.:sleeping:


If you’re in your late 70’s its possible. Otherwise you should be good. :wink:

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I have emphasized that they are a new company making a totally new product that while using existing technology are doing things very different, both in hardware and software. The company has had several major delays and were quite over-optimistic with their initial project delivery dates, but everything that I see has confirmed that their technology is solid and will be well worth the wait for a machine at a great discount. If and when they will reach all the specs initially touted in the marketing videos is another issue, but I know I will be getting a laser well worth the $2,000 I spent.


1year later, and still no joy.
I was given a date of april 2, 2018, which has , once again come and gone.

my newly promised date is june 20 , 2018. (at which point , I’ve been given another promise, 6 more weeks from then)

once AGAIN, the delivery date promised to me has been changed.
The new date is sept 1, 2018.

I think I’m done with this . I would like to cancel my order since I don’t believe I am EVER going to see this thing delivered to me.

I’m so sorry we let you down, @amra21. You can send a note to support@glowforge.com and they’ll get your refund processed right away.