I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time:



Thank you. I was reading several posts yesterday and noticing the new golden ticket posts too, but I hadn’t read my email at that time since I was on the road.

I waited until I was home today to post anything.


Congratulations! Hope UPS is learning to be gentler with their precious cargo :smile:


Woohoo! Congrats


Yay!!! :squee:


Wonderfully fantastic and amazing news! Let the fun begin!


congratulations on your patience! Cant wait to see what you do with it!


OMG. The larger bed area that was pushed today is amazing. It’s making me rethink so many things. Last night I had to do a multiple bed print to make a bigger object to assemble. I could have used those extra inches. You are so going to love your Glowforge!

And what is cool? I didn’t have to download anything on any device! It just appeared.


I’m just getting on the forum now, excited to see what the new size is :slight_smile:




What larger bed area? Did I miss an announcement…?



Wonderful :tada:
I swear, I haven’t had this much fun since I was a kid! Your patience is about to pay off in spades. :sunglasses:


You almost had a visitor this week. I was in Littleton for two days but my schedule was so packed I didn’t have time to try set something up. I actually saw “the email” while I was in the hotel late on the last night.

Next trip up I’ll make more time if you’re interested.

I am giddy with anticipation for the GF but don’t have any projects ready for her


Serendipity :slightly_smiling_face:


I would very much like that! Please do :sunglasses:!
If I had known you were so close I would have come and bought you a beer just for the privilege of meeting you and the handshake. I could talk space program for hours!
No need for a hotel my friend, the walkout level of my home has a guest room, bath, home theater and of course the shop where the glowforge lives, at your disposal. Standing invitation.

@jbv was in Denver a few months ago and reached out, but the timing was difficult. I regret not being able to meet him too. Same deal dude, standing invitation.


Thank you. I was feeling bad for not contacting you during the 2 days I was up there but the whole time was jammed up at work, or with the after work meetings. I know I was only 10 minutes from you, so definitely next time.


Thanks @hansepe. I forgot about the reduction from the original 20x12. I hope they at least get back to a fully functional 20 wide. Depth is less of an issue with the pro units because there’s passthrough.

Seeing pasthrough working - with the ‘auto align’ feature as promised - would be a milestone to me.


12 being downgraded to 11.5 is a bummer though because 12" or 300mm is a standard sheet size. Annoying not to be able to cut as wide as the sheet.


I agree, but for the stuff that I rip down myself that will give me about 1/8 - 3/16 inch waste on either edge of the material (once you take out the 1/8 inch kerf for the saw blade). I can kind of convince myself that is OK since I don’t see using factory edges for most things.

Time will tell with usage.


Agree. I try not to use the edge. 20x11.5 is good. Don’t really need the 20.4 with. Looks like the waste is on the right side though. @marmak3261’s picture looks like they’ve got the effective area all the way to the left. I like that better than having to deal with a quarter inch on both sides. Saw cut side to the right :slightly_smiling_face: