If your gonna walk away anyways, you might as well add some kind of backup

Obviously it is not recommended to walk away from your glowforge when its in use. However I know there are many here that do it, weather in the next room over or another room. If your going to walk away from it regardless. I’d recommend spending the $25 on a wyze cam for live stream view to your phone. That way even if you are still in the same room as the Glowforge and don’t feel like bending over the machine the entire 3 hours you can view it live at a better angle too. I am so glad to find this, however if your going to stay in and watch it at all times then disregard this. I have seen to many people having fires from leaving it unattended.

Here’s my review and walkthrough of what it looks like when using it live with Glowforge:


Nice. I’ve been looking for a way to do this with my old phone, but couldn’t get a good angle. $25 seems like a deal for that kind of extra safety!

FYI for those curious; a whopping $27.78 with tax and shipping

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Yeah, that looks like a nice picture! Might need to switch out the D-Link.

Ze previouslies:

Having been more than a decade in cybersecurity, cams concern me. If you use this camera just for watching your GF, then you should unplug it when done. It seems really cool. However, I heartily recommend not having a camera that catches video and sound in the home. I will not have any tech like alexa in my home. I do have cameras outside of my home for security, but none inside to capture sound or video. Many services like this one will link to clouds outside of the US.


I turn off all sound recording and motion tracking then unplug when not in use with the gf also. I don’t have a use to have it as a security camera but makes great live stream for gf usage.


That’s perfect. Technology is great when used wisely. :smiley:

Yes, this. The Wyze cameras, in particular, have gotten some heat lately for recording after the user thinks they’ve been turned off.

We have smart speakers and we have a WiFi cam for our foster kitten room, but if you’re going to have that sort of tech, you need to KNOW, not just suspect, that it can be hacked/abused. Then again, people have phones that are just as bad, so it may not matter. I’m not a particularly paranoid person, but I am a realist (and a tech writer).


This might be a bit excessive, but if you’re concerned about stuff going to the outside world you could build your own system out of a raspberry pi and code it so that it only streams locally or to a limited-range ad hoc network (or via bluetooth). I see that adafruit has a pi zero w (tiny, cheap, builtin wifi) camera kit for about $45. (Hmm…)