IKEA Glowforge Table Hack w/ Drilling Template and Leg Clamps

Hopefully you’ll have better luck than I did. I originally had the entire order setup online for delivery ($40 delivery charge) and it was a month away for the delivery date, but it was early pandemic and the IKEA stores were closed so I was fine with that. The delivery date came and went with no contact from IKEA.

So we tried calling and couldn’t get an answer either.

Eventually went to the store when they finally opened and they refunded it as they couldn’t explain it either and didn’t have the legs in stock.

Went back a few days later when they showed in stock online and picked everything up at the store finally about 6 weeks after placing the online order.

This table system is great. If I didn’t already have a nicely welded table with wheels, I would be all over this.

But I wanted to share the Ikea shelving hack I put together.
I bought one of the Hyllis shelving units, along with an extra package of shelves. Adding the extra shelves is not too much work, just requiring drilling new pilot holes. They whole system is very cost effective.

They are metal so I was also able to make little snap-on labels using some magnets.


I’ll add to the conversation on this one with a hardy thanks. I was looking to build something when I ran across @databoydesign 's work here. I ordered the stuff and it sat for a month before I got around to building it out. The storage come in handy for Laser food that’s for sure!!

Thanks again!! Mike


oh boy. I will be sad…especially since it will then be mid-winter and not a good time to drive lol

That is so neatly organized!


Thanks. I keep it fairly well organized for the most part.

The two units side by side provide a nice work table space as well. I can’t decide on making another unit that 4 tiers tall and putting the GF on it and moving it to the center, or just staying with the straight pipe out the window with the external fan behind the machine.

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Acrylics arrived today. They look great! Thank you.

I was getting nervous about IKEA as there had been no activity on either order since the purchase. I checked “one more time” before calling this morning and they were picked yesterday and shipped this morning. Arriving later this week. Woohoo :tada:

Glad the acrylics arrived. It’s been very hit or miss with the USPS and shipping lately. I’ve had stuff take two weeks to go 50 miles and stuff sit at the post office for three days after dropping it off.

With a turtles average speed about .2 mph, a turtle could have delivered it quicker. :slight_smile:

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I had just that happen. Took 12 days wandering a 50 mile radius circle from me (Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery “expected” :stuck_out_tongue: ). Then yesterday it left MA and arrived in Ventura CA this morning and at the recipient’s this afternoon. I have no idea why it wandered around post offices in MA for almost two weeks.

Super clever. I may adjust the stencil to be idiot proof by making it a little wider and not needing to flip it. I see myself have that issue mid project.

Good idea on modifying the template so it’s foolproof. My brain was fried already between fusion 360 and the Glowforge, so I just took the easy way out and labeled the axis. :slight_smile:

Thank you - I did this as well and it worked perfectly! The shipping was less than half and it arrives 2 weeks earlier.

It went together easily even without predrilled holes. Yeah!


They worked perfectly! Even on the couple of legs that were wonky. And I cannot believe I have lived my life thus far without that tiny little right angle ratchet screwdriver!!! (I have a goodly number of tools,and screwdrivers, and bits lol) Thank you!!!


This is amazing! I will be making like 6 sets of this when I set up a work room. Thank you a million!!!

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Laser food, :joy: I’ve not heard that term before(still pretty new) but I love it and will refer to that anytime I feed “Gorbis” from now on. (Gorbis is the name my son gave my forge) :upside_down_face:.


@databoydesign Thank you for the files and video. It took me a couple of days to make it. I don’t know what I was doing wrong but somehow the holes I pre-drilled wouldn’t end up aligning where I needed them by like 1/16th which drove me nuts.

Then when I finally got everything put together I found out the hard way that the Capital legs separate in two pieces. I found this out because when my daughter and I picked it up to move it, the legs came apart. The acrylic held down the inside part of the leg and the part we had lifted kept the other part of the leg. I should have put the casters on it.

Anyway, after a couple of frustrating days I got it put together and it looks beautiful now, so thank you!!


Hi @databoydesign how can I order the acrylic set? Would like to set up before my glowforge gets here.

So these look great, but I don’t have an IKEA store anywhere near us (4 hours away), and shipping is $200. Does anyone have something similar purchased from Amazon, Lowe’s, or Home Depot?

Hi @stephen1 . I’ve started a new thread to answer your question and provide a design alternative for those who can’t easily get the IKEA products.