Illustrator Pass through help

I need illustrator help. How the heck do I setup a file for the passthrough on illustrator? I know enough on illustrator to be dangerous. I tried searching and found the tutorials very confusing and convoluted…

I just need a bullet point precise step by step explanation. The use of simple words is a bonus. :crazy_face:

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There are two tutorials for using Illustrator with the Passthrough, and due to the fact that they were written in parts as the need arose, they can be a little confusing.

@johnse’s tutorial is the most “chronologically correct” version:

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This is the tutorial I found to be quite confusing! :sob:

Hmmm…I wrote one too, but it comes out kind of disjointed. Hang on…

Read this first:

Then read this:

Then last read this one:

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I think its because I am still learning illustrator… so some of their terms are throwing me a little…
“score spanning guide”?

OK. I will read what you just posted. Thanks for your insight. I will advise!

Not AI specific, but a detailed description of what you’re trying to do when using the pass through.

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Thanks! Once I get to that point I will read the article!! I am currently in a losing battle with illustrator :sob:

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Thanks again! once I figured out the magic of guides in illustrator everything fell into place :heart_eyes: I am cutting out the jig templates now :slight_smile: and my illustrator file is ready to go.


Glad to hear it! :smile:

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