Illustrator PDF wont give me separate layers in GFUI

Its giving me separate task options(engrave, cut, score) but I am unable to move each piece around the board. Any ideas? Im sure it’s something simple but am missing it.

So I uploaded just the words from another file and was able to get it in there.
But is there a way to avoid that?
Was it because it was in a circle?

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The GFUI ignores layers in illustrator. It sees enclosed overlapping shapes and assumes they are a group. Move one of the elements over to the side in Illustrator and save a new pdf.


Yep, you got it

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Newb here hahah but slowly getting there! :slight_smile:


No problem
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be sure to check out all the tutorials that folks have written up for Illustrator and a bunch of other programs in the Matrix


Even without layers, any objects enclosed in a shape are “grouped” as far as moving them goes by default in the GFUI.

I use Inkscape and it’s the same.

It’s handy if you want all design elements in something like a keychain to stay aligned when you move things around. That’s probably the logic behind the behavior.


Thanks for the answer @jbv! It looks like that resolved this issue, so I’m going to close this thread - if you run into any other trouble, go ahead and post a new topic.