I'm nervously excited November!



So I don’t know about you but as December aproaches the fact that no news on the announcements part of this forum appears has me on the edge. I’m really nervous because I don’t know if everything is staying according to plan or if we have to wait even longer to finally get our Precious Glowforge…
So @dan can you please please tell me anything to help me calm my nerves?


According to @dan :


Thanks Jules :slight_smile: hopefully we’ll be receiving great knees in a couple of weeks


I could certainly use some! :relaxed:


Great knees or great news? (or both?):thinking:


I’ll take new knees, pls, I’ve gotten into running over the summer.


Chuckle! Both! :relaxed:


Cross-linking to a similar thread. I get this strange “life boat drifting in the Pacific for months” feeling as I read threads like this. It’s the only time I feel that way. All the other threads make me excited and inspired as folks keep up the enthusiasm by sharing their work, learning their craft or post inspiring messages.


Hahahaha I meant news but my iPhone autocorrect it to knees… I really have no idea why… however I wish you all to have great knees as well :slight_smile:


Reminds me of the story from scary stories to tell in the dark which took place in a hospital with bedridden patients. The patient who had been there the longest was given the bed by the window.

Every day he would tell the other patient in the room about the wonderful things he saw out the window; children playing in the park, hawks floating in the wind, decorations being put up for every season, etc etc.

At first it cheered up the other patient, but as time went on, resentment grew. The other patient slowly began to wish the other was gone so he could have the window.

One day he awoke to the other half of the room being cleaned and was filled with excitement to be by the window. Finally they moved him to his new bed where he gazed out the window for the first time! He couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked out and only saw the brick wall across the alleyway glaring back at him.


Yes, I had encountered that inspiring story. Some people bring light to others by their existence.

“Some give with mindfulness of virtue, and there are those who give like the valley breathes it’s fragrance into space.” - Kahlil Gibran


If I’m getting knees and a great laser I’ll be elated! Heck, I don’t even need a pair, one would do.


I want knees that can shoot lasers