Image lines disappearing when trying to print 3 or more sections of a passthrough print

I have been trying to print on 1/4" Baltic Birch with a length of 30"-40". The problem I am running into is that after the 2nd section through the passthrough prints, I can no longer see the image overlay in the app once it tries to realign for the 3rd section print. It doesn’t give me an error but asks me to confirm alignment but I cannot see the image. I have just tried printing blindly and sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t align properly.
Has anyone run into this issue?

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It’s not just you. Here’s someone else reporting the same issue recently:

And I know I’ve seen it at least one other time in the past week but I can’t find that post to link to it.

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thanks for sending that to me!
I actually reached out to support as well. I did have some other problems with alignment but this particular problem they didn’t even try to troubleshoot for me.
I will follow the thread and hope they resolve the issue.

Iwent through a few months earlier this year where this was happening to me as well. I never reported it. I just carried on and trusted the alignment process and crossed my tentacles and it worked.


@mark14 ah! Did it resolve by itself or are your still printing without the image?

As I recall, it would sometimes happen on the 2nd pass and sometimes on the 3rd or sometimes not at all. This was followed by a period where I did not do many pass-through projects and then a replacement of my glowforge. I have only done 2 parts that required the pass through since the replacement and the image did not vanish either time. I do recall that it was bothersome but I since it was working and I was busy with a few deadlines, I did not bother to try to solve it. Sorry I am not able to help more.


It’s been happening to me too. I just have to confirm and pray. This machines getting trashed as soon as my new laser comes in. Nothing but problems. Always

Ah!! Really? I just purchased my pro a couple of months back. How long did you have yours and what’s sort of problems were you having? I’ve noticed a lot of folks having been getting replacements. Also, support has been no help on this issue. Did you ever reach out to them?

They basically told me they’d figure it out over and over til I was out of warranty. Alignment issues. Laser not cutting all the way through. Shit they tried to just say user error over and over. You’re gonna wanna not use the onboard fan as much and as soon as you can. Just buy another one from a grow shop it’ll help a lot. The tube being inside the actual machine is a HUGE design flaw and laughable. You shouldn’t have to clean your tube. At all… I can go on like I said. You already got one so just make the best of it. The thing that frustrated me the most was I was offering to buy another one to get it here faster and not lag on orders and look bad because the machine takes a dive whenever it wants. They cannot and will not do any type of exchange. Seems like a lot of people are getting replacements is true. You have to go into months of back and forth with them to get anything done. I’ve been sent parts that are unique to the machine weeks after it breaks. Talking everything from a tiny wheel up to a printer head. It’d be a different story if they didn’t hide behind a chat feature that’s barely available and email only. Companies in China communicate better. I ended up getting a bigger one from a company in Florida for the same price I got my glowforge pro for. This things NASTY good compared. Hopefully your experience with them is better. Oh also they straight up outsourced to Mexico as soon as they hit their numbers. I offer to drive my machine to headquarters 2 hours away and nope it’s against policy. Yet I’ve got 2-5k in orders to fill… cool. Gotcha. Now they figured hmmm were not selling machines as fast as we once were what should we do to keep this company alive and people not just buying the $1800 better version? A subscription service!!! Nice! On top of all of it. I still use it for the b work if you know what I mean.

Agh that is absolutely ridiculous! I’m so sorry you had to deal with all of that! Now that I actually have a Glowforge, I can clearly see what things are just designed so poorly! Customer service is killing me. The fact that they change between representatives between emails and don’t follow up…they loose track of what the actual issue is? I’ve had 5 different ppl respond and they literally want me to keep cutting that bloody curve!!
I use a lot of non proof materials which seems as though as soon as you tell customer service they push you to “beyond the manual” and don’t want to help. It’s laughable because their Instagram is full of projects that don’t use proofgrade materials.
I’m there with you…I have some big projects that I need to finish and if we slow down production we drop potential clients.
I might have to ask you about your Chinamade machine down the line!

Absolutely let me know. All those problems are VERBATIM the same thing they did to me. These new ones are parts from China assembled and supported by an American company. Not much of a difference than GF immediately outsourcing to Mexico. Make sure you DO NOT use the fan that comes inside your GF. Keep it on air assist fan attached and get a nice vent fan from a grow shop. Game changing and cuts the noise by 200%

ah!! ok, I have been using the fan that is inside the GF …I will have to look into a vent fan for sure!! I’ve been reading a lot about ppl having problems with their fans and it’s such an inconvenient fix!
So, I see the glowforge air filter toggle in the menu but is there a separate one for the air assist? or is it the same thing?
Thanks! Really appreciate your responses!!

The onboard fan which will end up being the loudest and most useless annoying part of it is what you wanna turn off by checking the “air assist attached” or whatever and attach your own fan. I STILL have yet to receive any more emails back. They just passed me around until I stopped asking. @LU_Makerspace i will continue to get people to not buy your products as I have been. All you have to do was make it right. Its been 2 years lol. Insane.

I own a marketing agency it wouldn’t be hard to target the same potential buyers and warn them about your service. Make it right GF

Would ya imagine that lol. I just magically got an email saying hey I’m following up from our last convo in JUNE lol. What a joke of a company

Hi Instabuzz - another forum member flagged this to my attention and sent it to support, which is probably why you just heard back. I’m sorry you didn’t get a response more quickly! Right now, we only can guarantee responses in the Problems & Support section of the forum, so that (or email to support) is the best way to reach us. Again, I apologize for the gap and whatever had your case fall through the cracks.