Image on Screen looks Great but alignment on item in glow-forge is off!

Hey all, newbie over here :slight_smile:

When I look at my screen to design the text and font onto an object in the glow-forge, all looks great until I hit print! The text on the bottom is immediately off and this throws off the entire project, ugh!

Current project was a wooden candle lid.

What am I doing wrong? Help :slight_smile:

Make sure you use “set focus” before you place the artwork and watch to see that the red dot lands on the material.


Thanks!! I recently watched a video about “set focus” so I guess this is where I am going wrong with the alignment…


As @beerfaced says, set focus is your friend. It really makes a difference.

From your photo - it looks like your candle lid is sitting on top of another 1/8" sheet of something? My candle lids are on the fat side, make sure that your total height isn’t more than 1/2", the GF can’t focus higher than that.

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The lid was sitting on a piece of scrap wood so I should have removed it.

Yes, the lid is on the thicker side (picture attached).

That’s definitely chunkier than 1/2". You’ll have to take the crumb tray out and prop the lid up to the proper height to get a properly accurate focus. I @dwardio’s no math focus tool for jobs like this


To keep from wasting supplies, you can add some masking tape and a power of 1 to see ‘where’ it’s going to laser. Remember the camera is fisheye so what ‘looks’ right on the screen isn’t necessarily the right place to print it!!


I’m sorry that you ran into trouble with alignment during prints. It looks like you’ve already received some great advice from our other community members. Thanks folks!

Did their advice help you get the results you wanted on your project?

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