Img within SVG Alignment Issue (RESOLVED)

So here’s what I created:

That’s a jpg (clarinet) surround by vectors (red). Saved as an svg, image embedded.

Here’s the issue… This is what appears in the GFUI:

Most-notable is the bell of the clarinet. It’s as if something scaled weird.

Unfortunately, the preview is completely representative of the actual output.

Any ideas?

Nice design idea.

Would be interested in understanding how as the bitmap of the image you posted shows a pretty good outline, in fact the SVG based design you uploaded didn’t keep proportion around the bell.

Can you post the SVG with the embedded bitmap? What’s posted on the forum comes in only as a jpg.

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I think I recall we can’t post svg’s? And have to zip them? So here it is zipped.
Bookmark - (31.8 KB)

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You can post SVGs with no problem. Just upload it. The problem is not in the uploading, but in how Discourse displays them. Look at the markup of the file. The display values for Height and Width assume pixels and not inches. Just add two zeros after each.

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Ok. Now I’ll check it out. Funny how it appears here.


I think you need to just specify the thickness. It turned out fine when I opened it, after checking it in AI and then resaving it.

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Must be an Illustrator thing and Jules knows what to do. Here is how it came into Inkscape as is:



Yeah, it might have something to do with how the file was saved from Illustrator, because when I opened yours directly in the interface, it comes out with the clarinet shrunk.

So, not the thickness. Might want to make sure that there aren’t any extra boxes checked aside from what’s showing in the panel in my first post.

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@marmak3261, @Jules
Thanks for looking!

Interesting… Here’s what I’ve always used…

I’ll have to do some playing around…

Uncheck Responsive. That’s the problem child I think.


Oh, I bet you’re right! Thanks!

I’m engraving something right now so I can’t test. I wish once the job was passed to the machine you could have the GFUI back.

Edit: Oh, wait… You can.

Edit: No luck. Unchecked everything except “Output fewer elements.” Still the same. Hmmm!

Try changing the Style Properties to Presentation Attributes?

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Forgot to mention I did that too.


You’re doing Save As and remembering to use the new one? (Don’t laugh, i grab the wrong one all the time.)

Try this one and see if it works…that’s the one that I just opened and resaved.

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Did you change the decimal points to 3?

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Think that might affect it? Rounding error? :thinking:

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Seems as good of a reason as any for unexplained errors in the presentation of the vectors.

Less decimal places = good for saving a few bytes of file size

Less decimal places = bad for precision laser cutting.


Is there is something funky with bitmap? I did a trace in Inkscape and it elongated the whole vector outline of the clarinet. That’s interesting.


Best result might be to get a good PNG of the clarinet and remove the background, then trace that outline. Not quite sure how I would process that bitmap of the clarinet to have a good engraved image and not just a blur. So much black. So little highlight.


Tom - I decided “how hard could it be” and then started playing with your image for the last 45 minutes. I’ve attached a file that has your version and one I redrew because… I’m stubborn.

The magic appears to be that I took the clarinet.JPG and made it a PNG file and that weird scaling thing went away. I’ve attached the file. You will probably want to go with a higher res PNG, and you can make it with a transparent background and place it in AI too.

Anyway, side by side comparison attached. Bookmark - (48.0 KB)

Good luck, YMMV.


I make stupid mistakes but I didn’t make this one. :slight_smile:

It does. What the heck!

I did, thanks.

Definitely interesting. The bitmap is just a high-res jpeg I found. I didn’t trace it. I just pasted it onto my artboard. The vector cut of it WAS actually a trace. I’d taken the clarinet in Photoshop, outlined it smoothed the outline, and then brought that into Illustrator and traced it, giving me a cutting outline of the clarinet (with a nice contoured border).

So… Here’s something weird…

I rebooted. Opened up the file. Saved it again. Opened it in the GFUI. PERFECT NOW.
I dunno… I’ve had Illustrator open for days. Maybe something just got hung up in it somewhere.

:smile: Thanks to all who responded!!! :smiley: