Improved Accelerometers: 5/20/2019 Latest Improvements


It’s got to be great to be @Rita and get to announce all these great things, well at least the ones that @dan doesn’t hog for himself. Give our love to the team.


While perhaps not as exciting as the other recent updates I’m thrilled to see a steady stream of improvements continue to flow our way! :slight_smile:


Well, thank you Rita and the whole team! These last few months have been exciting in terms of new stuff rolling out all the time. Is this that “coffee-mug-sitting-on-the-crumb tray- thing”? Ha ha!


I left a can of diet coke in the Redsail once and forgot it was there when I shut the lid and hit the Start. The head hit the can and punctured the side - it sprayed a coke fountain all I’ve the inside :scream: Having proximity sensors or imoact detection would have saved me a ton of cleanup. :grin:


How will we know if it is applied to our own machine?

Isn’t a bump just a sign the machine needs to try harder? :wink:

Nice stuff keeps on rolling out…


The use and understanding of the data from the Accelerometers may be the first step in making the forge speed up on corners, etc, and make stuff not burn at the corners when scoring, or leaving a notch when cutting a circle! These are a few of the things I would really like to see - now that the calibration (whoo-HOO!) makes placement so much easier!



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Leave a 1.5" high object on the bed and start a job and see if the head hits it or not. :wink:


That’s sounds perfectly horrible! Think what it might have been for cleaning up if it hadn’t been diet…all that sugar over everything. Ugh!:cry:

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Somewhat embarrassing. It was my first “real laser” since I think the Chinese K40 is more of a hobby/intro device.

Not the only embarrassing moment though - I set my shirtsleeve on fire once while showing someone how I align the laser because I override the interlocks when I do it.

And that’s after burning a hole in my thumb with it - you’d think I’d learn to be more careful when the safeties are disabled. :grin:


You got me laughing out loud, here! :rofl: I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time, but hopefully as funny to you now as it is to me.

It’s one of the reasons I like the GF - no more focusing & adjusting mirrors and lenses :slightly_smiling_face:



I loved the Elvis scene in that movie!

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