In Honor of Beltane this May 1 (Off Topic)

In honor of Beltane, this by the amazing band Faun:


Had someone post this on Facebook this morning. I’d never heard of it.

The interesting part is that here in Seattle, May Day is a lovely day of protests which apparently turn into riots from time to time. I didn’t like someone requesting the setting of fires into this already gas-filled-just-waiting-for-a-spark political/social situation.


Yes – Faun comes over once or twice a year to a festival I attend – pretty amazing.

Yes, at work today here in Seattle – waiting to see what this other form of celebrating May 1 brings…



A friend shared this video on Facebook this morning:


Yes – Faerieworlds and Mythicon :relaxed:

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If you have never watched the original Wicker Man, it would be well worth it., if a bit creepy.

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To take an off topic discussion further afield… I’ve always been fond of JoCo’s take on the First of May. :smile:

NOTE: The linked song contains explicit lyrics so you might not want to click on that link at work. Or with young children around. :slight_smile:

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Yes – so much better than that seriously bizarre remake…

Funny that I just saw this post! That hand-cranked thing is a hurdy gurdy. Never heard of or seen one 'till yesterday.


They are becoming more common – especially in pagan and pagan/celtic fusion bands. The one in the video is played by Guilhem Desq from France who often plays with Faun and also has his own band, Zirp. A friend also plays one sometimes in his band, Woodland.

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I also knew the hurdy gurdy. What is that other thing?


For all who are interested – this August, near Portland: