Dividers Generator via Cuttle

Hi all!

I recently wanted to quickly create drawer/box dividers for organization or as a structural support: In search of: complex drawer divider generator

This gave me a chance to dive deep into cuttle.xyz, a amazing design tool @tobyschachman has been working on and shared some similar work on here: Succulent Coasters

The result is a pretty sweet generator for these kinds of dividers:

Cuttle - Dividers Generator

You can see it in action, and see a tutorial here:

But in short, it takes a drawing like this:
Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 5.23.46 PM

Turns it into shapes ready to cut like these:

Which you assemble into a nice little divider box like this:

Cuttle is still a BETA product, and I think invite-only, but if you want to try it out, let me know! And I’ll hit you with an invite.

I’ve also only cut that one example with this so far… so if you try it… probably start with some cardboard or otherwise cheap material, because I make no guarantees it’ll work correctly at this stage! :smiley:


Wish I had time to play! Is it going to adjust the slot width for the angles? (Dang, I really wanted to write one for something like this in F360, but life got smack in the way.)

Oh well, that’s the breaks. (Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.) :rofl:


I haven’t done that adjustment yet… so far I’m relying on setting the thickness thick enough there’s a little wiggle room… and not doing any angles too extreme.

However… you reminded me. So now I’m off to do some geometry.


I have played a really little bit in Cuttle but it seems really cool! I had no idea it did this.


Awesome! I joined the beta but haven’t had a chance to try it yet.


I’d love an invite! Thanks for sharing!

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It only did this after I programmed it to do this :smiley:

But that’s what I’m excited about with Cuttle. It’s easy for programmers to plug code into drawings, which can make nice tools.


DM me an email address and I’ll send one your way.

Ok… I think I got it working…

Now widens the slots appropriately based on the angles.
I had to stare at a lot of little drawings before the trigonometry part of my brain woke up.

I might just have to cut this to test it out…

And I guess now I’m going to have to add a kerf adjustment somewhere.


Neat! I have access to Cuttle but when I go to play with it I do not see the divider generator. Is this something that has to be activated separately. I would love to try it!

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That looks so nifty! I’d love an invite - will DM you my address.

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:point_up: Make a copy of the project and have at it!


Very clever.

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Well that makes sense:-) A little above my knowledge base!

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I’ve sent out some Cuttle invites to everyone who sent me their email address. If anyone else is interested, send your email my way and I’ll get you an invite.

And those of you I invited already, let me know if/when you use the Divider Generator!

I’ve only begun testing it, so I’ll keep you all posted on my success using it on this thread too!


Oh that is really neat! Thank you for sharing this file, I’ve got a silverware drawer that needs dividers, and this would be perfect!


That’s a great generator! I am signed up to be a Cuttle beta tester a month ago, but haven’t played with it yet. I think I’ll use your generator to create some dividers for my tool chest!
Thanks for creating it!

Let me know how it goes!
I haven’t had a chance to do that many test cuts with it yet, so I expect there might be a hiccup or two along the way, but good luck and let me know how you fare!

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