Infinite loop of "we're sorry, an unexpected error has occurred"

yeah I think it’s ctrl-shift-i on windows. but wow that’s worse than I imagined. looks liek the GF folk of some work to do possibly just making sure the content delivery guys are all in synch


Thankyou! I keep opening that all the time accidentally and not understanding what I was looking at.

Ctl-Ualso brings that up as does right click and view page source


I’m so sorry you’ve hit a snag. Thank you for the screenshot of your logs. I’d like to take a look at some additional information which would be available in a text version of the logs. Could you please do the following for me?

  • Log into the Glowforge app using Chrome
  • Wait for the error to occur
  • Open Developer Tools from the Chrome menu bar by clicking View>Developer>Developer Tools
  • In the text window which opens on the right-hand side, right click somewhere on the text and then select “Save As”

Please save and then send the .log file to me and I’ll provide it to the team for review. If you’d prefer to send it privately, you can email the file to

Thank you!

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I just sent the file.

Most browsers will turn off all browser addons/plugins when you use incognito mode to ensure that they are not spying/logging information. Newer Firefox v60 will explicitly ask you if you want addons/plugins to be enabled in incognito mode.

I suggest you disable all plugins and turn the on one by one, reloading the app, until you get the error. Then you will know which one is causing the problem. Defualt ublock Origin install stops the app from working and I had to whitelist the site to get it working.

It could also be a plugin installed with a ‘complete’ anti virus package (norton, mcafee) which often re-enable themselves automatically when ever the browser is restarted.


Good call. It is the GlowForge Material Manager plugin that is causing the problem. If I disable it, it works again.


I don’t remember if this is a plugin that GF put out or one of the community members. I’ll do a bit of digging.

Does anyone know if this plugin is required to save material settings?

It looks like it was a user-made one (not GF made)

I don’t think I use it anymore, since GF allows us to save material settings.

I just released an update that allows for creating your own non-PG QR Codes. The issue appears to be related to that. Something about your setup is different from mine and which was causing an unexpected error. I’ve updated the plugin to prevent the issue. Though I would love to figure out what actually went wrong…


Let me know if you need any logs.

Really only one question, do you have two or more GlowForges assigned to your account?

I do.

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Ok, then know what I happened and JavaScript let me down again. So much disappoint. :disappointed_relieved:

Anyway, its all fixed now.