Initial GF Basic / Pro Procedure (Network / Account Pairing)?

Since there isn’t a display on the unit directly how does one configure the unit with the end users wifi credentials?

I’d guess that unit create a adhoc connection that you to connect to then configure that way? If so- is that something that can be done by a mobile device? And how does the account pairing work?

I would guess (and my assumption has been) that since the Glowforge can only be used via wifi, and all information that goes to your laser is transmitted from Glowforge 's cloud that all of the Forges are directly linked to the Glowforge server, and that once you pair your laser with your account, that account is the only one that can use it. My question then becomes can you feasibly use your glowforge from anywhere (assuming you have someone or something present to push the big green button). I know that not being physically present is not recommended, but it would be a nice feature.

The most logical method to get the Glowforge on your Wi-Fi network would likely be Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Push a button on your router, push a button on your Glowforge, and it connects.

That being said, WPS has had some legitimate security flaws over the years, so I hope that’s not the only option.

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I have one of these garden sensors that connect to my WiFi and it only has a button on the bottom. I downloaded their app and it could (presumably using WiFi direct) talk to it enough that it could load up the WiFi credentials for my network. So that is two possible methods identified so far.

Yes, Dan stated in one of the Demo videos that you could operate it remotely as long as someone pressed the button.

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Simpler method would be to use the glowforge plugin/web app to generate a QR code with your wifi info and unit name. Then place that printout on the bed under the lid camera. The button does a rgb color dance to indicate that the QR code is good then have the unit appear in the list of ‘useable’ devices in the list.

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Gotcha. I vaguely remember that: I either have mental dyslexia or long term memory loss :slight_smile: No wonder I keep so many notepads handy

The ability to set up a print remotely is demonstrated in this video:

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Initial configuration was stated in another thread by @dan as the Glowforge arrives as a wireless router you connect to it and give it the details. I suspect very similar to what Google’s chromecasts do.

Why bother using paper? They could just make a phone/tablet-friendly page where you put in your network information, have it display the QR code, and then you put your phone into the Glowforge directly to configure! I had assumed this would be how they would do it but just having it act as a hot spot for initial configuration is probably easier and a more familiar process to people.

Not knowing enough about networking my fallowing thoughts may be flawed… but here is how I think they will do it… Just like a wifi printer. The GF will have a serial number which it will likely send out via wifi signal, and when you down load the GF app you will program your network info into it and then hit connect which would force a handshake… very much like most wifi peripherals do now. I could also be very wrong… shrug But it seems like the simplest solution.

At my house just about everything is smart connected. Including the lighting system. It uses hubs. You connect to a temp Hotspot, then log into the control panel of the hub and configure it’s connection to the Internet. As soon as it connects it closes that hotshot and your phone automatically reconnects to your home wifi. It’s pretty simple. And just imagine. I can control my entire house from anywhere on the planet including the car. Remote start over the Internet no agent required. … how clever


GF broadcasts an access point. You connect to it and it gives you a web page interface so you can get it on your home wifi & connect it to your account.


Thank you for the info, Dan. I’m so hoping this will work with my Karma Go wifi hotspot, but have other options if necessary.

I believe @dan is saying the GF acts as an access point just for initial configuration. Once you connect to it that way, you can then configure it to connect to your Karma Go.

Many other wifi-enabled devices use this technique, and it works really well. In the past year, I’ve installed a number of devices (Google Chromecast, Nest Protect, and Aria scale) this way.

None of them have displays or any sort of input device (sound familiar?). :wink:


Yes, very similar to those devices you mention. Shouldn’t be a problem with the Karma Go.

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What about device / account pairing? Is it like a RSA key where you insert into portal / plugin? Or a QR code (or the likes?) And can multiple accounts control one unit? Or does the primary owner’s credentials have to be shared with other users?

AFAIK @tony hasn’t finished the multiuser specs yet, so if you have a wishlist of use cases now would be a fine time to share them. (Maybe a new QOTD, tony?)

I don’t remember the process to ‘claim’ your glowforge; tony might help with that too.

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The only request is to have a primary account with child accounts. i.e. I would register my unit with my account. Then me having the ability to send ‘invites’ to specific folks that I want to share the device with. Mostly so I don’t have to give my email address and password to the folks I’d like to give access to the machine.

Also, Is there a ‘print’ queue visible via the portal/plugin? Or is that something that’s not possible due to the fact it has to take a picture of the bed before it starts the op (for material location?) Or it just sends the raw op in a queue and I’d have to position and start the job? And job history by user?

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