Inkscape - Workspace and Document Setup


Setting the Document Properties and Preferences in Inkscape.pdf (975.3 KB)


There is a way to set up a Glowforge specific template. The tutorial states:

“One very important thing to note is that if you wish to recreate the cutting bed of the Glowforge with your page in Inkscape, you will want to set a page size of 20 inches wide by 12 inches high under the Custom page size settings. There is no way to save it as a preset, so that needs to be recreated for each new document that you plan to use.”

Not entirely true. You can set up the document properties and then save the blank document as a new Glowforge template. In Windows you then put the Glowforge.svg template file in the folder

C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\templates

You can either open a new document with the Glowforge template from “New from Template”. Or you can rename the Glowforge.svg template to be “default.svg” and after that every new Inkscape document will use the new Glowforge template.


I have my default template set up with grids plus the guides are at the go/no go borders. Then I have some circles and squares of different colors all ready to go so I can begin with paths and not do any conversions and just get to it. Saves lots of time.



In case there are any Mac users out there looking for their Template directory:



How did you setup the guides if I may ask?


You drag a guide line from the edge or top and then you can double click on it to set it exactly where you want. Set your document the way you want and save as a template as indicated above.