How the heck do you properly paint engraved lines?

This is also a pretty good candidate for a veneer/engrave inlay. You can do pretty fine details that way. I’d use raw veneers, not the proofgrade stuff.

Inlay in general looks really classy, really steps the design up. You could do it with solid-colored acrylic too, as a through-cut inlay. This is a slightly tricky through-cut inlay because it’s got shapes inside other shapes, but it’s attainable. Done well it would make people stop and gawk.

A engrave/powder inlay would also work well and is much less technical to pull off. Check out previous projects involving mother-of-pearl and glow powders. It can work so well.

Mother of pearl (veneer and powder projects)

Glow in the dark powder:

@evermorian took that concept and really knocked it out of the park with these:

Metal powder: