Inline Carbon Filter


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Perhaps you could install a cat door and modify a fitting on the hose to attach to it.


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I love that idea (super smart) but it’s a french door situation with a bunch of glass panes. The HOA will not let me change the door style.


For the exterior flow, 165CFM is not near enough. The Pro version is 205 CFM and barely enough if you turn on the inboard fan if particularly smokey. I have 195CFM and pretty much run the inboard fan any time I am cutting. Having any filter will cause the volume to drop as the filter fills.

The filter is to reduce plant smells (Weed?) and I doubt it would work decently with acrylic or leather. Before Glowforge had filters I purchased a Blu-Dri that is 500CFM but to connect directly to the Glowforge you have to connect a 4" in to 12" out box in front as that is the size of the intake. The price has gone up since I bought mine though I found a cheaper brand here…

They are good enough to eliminate even food odors from the other end of the house.


one thing you could potentially do is put an external fan on the outside of your house and then run a PVC pipe up above the roofline from that fan.

see this post: Re-vamped venting setup

and this photo in that post.


if you run it up above the roofline, it’s more likely to dissipate before getting down to window or ground level. especially if there’s any wind going on.


Super helpful, thank you. I might try the pro version and use it when I cut wood, and just use the real filter when cutting acrylic. That would significantly extend its life and reduce the amount of noisey time. I’ll try to post an update if I go for it!


Also getting an insulated hose will lessen sound noticeably, for not a large investment.



They do sell sliding glass door pet doors, on which you could turn the pet exit area into a hose exit area…


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