Insists on cutting two lines with SVG

I just want to cut a circle out of some acrylic, but when I insert the SVG and scale it up to the size I need (7" or so) it has two separate lines for the circle. Which makes the actual usable circle smaller than the defined scale because the outermost circle is what defines the scale.

I need it to fit snugly in the award base I 3D printed.

TL;DR: How do I cut a single line with the Glowforge.


You must open this file in your graphics software and delete one of the lines, or create the circle with the premium tools in the Glowforge interface.

I took your file into Inkscape and deleted one of the lines.
singlecircle… (752 Bytes)


It may have to do with how you are setting up your strokes in Illustrator, they need to be aligned to center and not inside or outside… See this post:

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