Inspiring pop up cards and books



Just saw this guy. Absolutely insane. Peter Dahmen paper Design.

Sorry for the quick post, but at work…

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Holy guacamole I wish some day to be a small small fraction that artistic


I’m at work. Out of seemingly nowhere I said out loud… "Ho…ly… shit."
I just showed the video to 2 other co-workers who we all kinda watched this like it was fireworks. Amazing.


I would pay a lot of money to give one of those cards to family on their birthday or some special day. - Rich


Wow, wow, wow, wow. So amazing, thx for sharing!


He actually put tutorials with templates for some of them on his site.

These two are especially nice.


What @Tom_A said!! That’s insane!!


Wow, how generous of him!

And thank you for sharing that :slight_smile:


Like… wow


Just randomly saw this too. I never wanted to make pop up books till I got my GF…

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