Installed replacement black lid cable. Still stuck on centering, alternating with lid open error

I am at a loss here. I was sent a black lid cable after one of my Glowforges was stuck on Centering and I tried all of the cleaning/restart/wi-fi related options to fix it. I installed the new black lid cable and the connections all appear to be seated properly, but the machine is still stuck on centering. I restarted a few times to see if anything would change and logged out of the site, etc. but no luck. I do notice that the right side LED lights have not gone on, although the connection on that side seems just fine.

I am a little concerned because there is a distinct burned plastic smell coming from the machine too. At this point I don’t think I want to try turning it back on unless I get some more direction on this.

What do I do next?

Oof, burning plastic is not a good smell. I think I’d turn it off and wait for Support to get here.

Sorry for the troubles! :frowning:

You instinct is correct. Based on your description of the smell, I suggest you wait for Support before attempting to turn back on the unit.

Yeah, that smell isn’t good. I’d talk to support.

I’m hoping for a response. My other Glowforge, the pro, is a refurbished model that I got in November and its performance has been really shaky and unreliable.

The one with the burning smell is a brand new Plus that I bought in October of this year. I am growing concerned with how many issues I’ve had with both of these.

Hello @jenny.x.knox - I’m sorry to hear the new cable didn’t get this resolved for you!

No need to turn the printer back on at the moment, but I’d like to review the connections for that cable to see if we can find an explanation for what might be going on.

Could you please send us photos of the three connections, like these examples below? When we receive them, we will take a close look at the connections and follow up with next steps.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

It looks a little blackish by the vertical extension of the black cable, doesn’t it? I wonder if that was the burning plastic smell…

Let me know what the next step is. I am down to one machine right now, and it is the less reliable of the two so I am a little panicked.

131953293_10224943312988414_7862186070054410480_n 132367317_10224943312348398_8993800546397468597_n 132002386_10224943312828410_3737816197898147261_n

Thank you very much for sharing those photos @jenny.x.knox.

Based on these photos I think our best next step is going to be replacing this printer for you. I’ll be reaching out via email to collect some more information from you to get this process started. Please keep an eye out, and if you don’t see a message within the next 30 minutes or so please check and make sure it didn’t end up in your spam or junk folders.

I’m going to go ahead and close this topic so we can finish up via email.