International alternatives

I see a lot of users outside of the US looking for- and at other laser systems. To keep things searchable and on topic I thought I’d open one.

I found some ‘comparable’ lasers from Dutch(EU) vendors. They compare only in price or power. None of the machines have that apple-look the Glowforge totes or a user friendly interface.
(Fablab, workspace machine)
(No price)


It looks like Trotec is also making smaller (and cheaper?) machines now. I have no idea about the prices yet, but will post them when I find out. I heard that the service from Trotec is very good. (no personal experience yet)
NL site:

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I’m looking into the BRM now. This company is close to where I live. Next week I will have some time to visit them. Perhaps we can get some money off when we order together with several Dutch/Belgium buyers?

I’m curious on your findings. But I’m an Apple guy and I like my OS as well as my hardware sleek and user friendly. The thing with the BRM machines is that air assist and the waterpump are external machines instead of incorporated. It does have a full Z axis and rotary support though…


I’m also an Apple guy (my first computer was a Classic), so I understand what you say. I will see next week (in de herfstvakantie)

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There is also this, but you have to build it yourself. I spoke to the guys at Eindhoven maker fair. They said it was not difficult to build, but you needed to know what you are doing. I am waiting to hear the update this week. I would prefer something already built and won’t abandon the GF. OF course, I won’t fully discount building my own either.

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I’m pretty sure explaining quantum physics is easy when you know what you are doing.


Ha ha… long long ago i learned that whilst Sales People have the most enthusiasm it is usually the Support Staff who have a more… realistic… understanding of how complicated a product is


I was at the Makerfaire in het Klokgebouw, but somehow missed them?! Sounds like a fun project.

They were in the space near the entrance toward the back middle. I think it could be a good project, but its a bit more expensive and you have to build it yourself. As I said, I will holdfast for the GF. I am fairly sure I could build it, but for the expense there are some other limits aside from building like no trace feature. The trace feature I think is not end all be all, but it sure helps get the other family members involved easily!


Looks like a riff on the old Lasersaur open source project. The software is pretty cool - it grew out of the K40 community and has really turned into something good.

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Also the founder of Mr. Beam is telling me that they are also almost ready to ship their campaign machines. They are here in Munich. I will get one of those machines as well. Its a different machine but maybe that is a good alternative for the Europe people. they take preorders now and want deliver them in March. I really hope i get one early or I go to their open house they are just over the Fablab Munich, then I can tell you my thoughts.


That really is a nice alternative price-wise, but I just found out that I will probably get my GF the 2th of February.

you hope. plus 6 weeks.

Thanks for this. It would be very much appreciated if you could share what you find on this. On the surface, it sure seems like it has good potential. Thanks for the link! I am slate to get my GF in late April (delivery email March 2018) so this might be interesting. Do you know how confident they were in the march shipping? I am not a laser expert, any idea how it compares to a 40w basic GW in terms power?

Its a different aproach. I will need to see for myself. I will ask them for a test this week and also ask about shippping.

at the moment it looks that they initiated the production.and start a beta test soon… so everything can happen here as well

If you do see them, and they are looking for beta testers (assuming that is where they area in the planning) , please mention that there is a group that is likely willing to help. Interested to hear what they say to you.

I just bought a second hand Trotec Speedy 300 :slight_smile: It is already running, but I need a special cable to get the filter running, so real results will have to wait one more week. The price was similar to the GF price.
What shall I do with my GF now? sell it when it arrives? refund? keep it and sell the Trotec again?

If you pre-ordered, wait to compare the two and know you can at least sell the GF :glowforge: for close to what you paid if you find the Trotec better for you.

I think it will be the Trotec that leaves first or gets used the least.