International glowforgers

Just wondering if anyone outside the USA have received their Forge? The wait is killing me now lol


Technically one Canadian got one, but they did a cross boarder pick up. So international shipping has definitely has not started, but an international order was received.


I would like to know the same thing. I am living in London and havent heard anything about the shipping so far, not receiving any email.

Still nothing from Australia! :frowning:

There is another Thread about it here

When an OS buyer gets theirs it would help us all if they posted it

As of this point it is USA first and there are many Americans still waiting

I think that should be clarified in that USA units are shipping first but they don’t have to necessarily complete USA shipments before they start shipping units internationally - at least, as I understand the plan.


none in the Netherlands…

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Also in the UK, still no luck yet.

Unfortunately I ordered my glowforge to produce something for my sister’s wedding, but that’s not going to happen now. Still looking forward to it arriving soon (hopefully).


not here in austria :frowning:

Nope. I think we’ll be last - even though I ordered in the first couple of days.

After six weeks of “shipping” they haven’t even done a significant fraction of the first day domestic basic orders yet. Rather than a ramp up, dispatch seems to have slowed down in the last couple of weeks, so I don’t expect to see mine this year. I will spend two months of the winter in sunnier climes so if they miss their latest schedule I wont be here to receive it.


Here is a graph of emails from the spreadsheet before it got censored.

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it got censored?
I look at it 50 plus times a day.

What do you mean by the spreadsheet got censored? :worried:

Censored is a pretty strong word. I suppose you can make your own call on it though. I believe that some information was removed that users hadn’t added about themselves - that other people researched about users on the forum and added info about other people.

A thread by Dan was posted here:


Not in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well.
We just want to know exactly when will they send mail to us.

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We all do. :slight_smile:


No staff reply directly for the International shipping issues yet.

why would they? they’ll make an announcement when they start shipping internationally, i’m sure.

The information is still there in the document history. I don’t see what the problem is if somebody publicly announces they received the email / dispatch / delivery in a forum, why would they object to that being collated into a spreadsheet. It isn’t revealing anything they didn’t intend to reveal.

Everything said in this forum is readable by anybody in the world, so don’t post anything you want to keep secret.

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