International glowforgers



I think international customers deserve to be on the same schedule timeframe as we paid even more for shipping. (I think my shipping cost was over 1k. :disappointed_relieved:) However the cost should be justifiable if we get our glowforge accordingly to the date that we order it.


You might get it sooner, but not in one piece. They’ve already upgraded the packaging once because couriers are congenitally unable to read, or understand the words “fragile” or “this way up” etc.
Our American cousins are our guinea pigs. They have to put up with the possibility of getting a damaged shipment and the hassle that entails. The lessons learnt from shipping domestically first improve our chances of receiving ours intact.
For those of us living outside Continental America the risks are increased dramatically (baggage handlers) so I for one am happy to wait. I’d rather be smiling when I open that box, not weeping.


I want to preface what I am about to say with I am an international buyer.

We are on the same schedule, the delay that we are experiencing is not due to GF wanting to ship out to domestic buyers first. It has to do with regulations in other countries. They are presumably in talks with customs officials / import experts in each country to ensure that when they ship our fragile/ expensive units, they;
a) aren’t held up for months while customs tries to figure out if they are safe to enter the country. and
b) don’t get dismantled in order to figure out the above.

This is not an issue for domestic shipments as they aren’t going through the same regulatory gate that one does when crossing a boarder.

From what Dan has said, they will be shipping out international orders as they sort out the regulations. when a new country becomes open they will announce it.


I see, thanks for clarifying the details.


Don’t take someone’s information and repackage it, repost it without asking them. Common courtesy, common decency.

Just because you CAN do a thing doesn’t mean you SHOULD do a thing.


Publicly shared information is just that - public.

(Ooops - should I have asked your permission before I repacked and re-posted your post, otherwise known as quoting).


Well I just don’t see any moral difference between it and quoting.


The information, while visible to the general public, is hosted and paid for by Glowforge. Like almost anything else in this world, you can choose to agree or not agree with the terms of service of using a product (which this member forum is).

I purposely didn’t sign up and volunteer information on the spreadsheet put together by a 3rd party and hosted externally. Is it illegal to parse the information on this server and transcribe it external of this site? Not to my knowledge. Is it against the terms of service? It is now. Abide by it or not - your call.


I should point out it wasn’t me that entered other people’s data, apart from I did fill in @PlGHEADED’s delivery date. Nearly all the edits are anonymous, so unless somebody does some real doxing it will be impossible to enforce the terms of service. It might not even be a forum member for all I know.


It is most certainly not beyond the whit of GF to enforce this.
The word is banned.


Yes but who do they ban? Was it Anonymous Wolverine or Anonymous Bat that did it? You would need to Dox them to ban them.


I would assume, the person who published it here.


How about nobody enters anybody else’s information for them? Not our place to do it, it’s up to them to do it if they want to.

And if they don’t want to enter it, too bad.


Well there is nobody’s personal information in my graph above. You would have to dox to find out who got their emails on a particular date.


I think you’re safe with that graph. With no stated unit of measurement for the Y axis it’s essentially meaningless.
No, you can’t assume it’s obvious.


And the dates are all listed wrong. :wink:


Then there are confounding factors in the data collection.
You’ve got to list your confounding factors and the measures you’ve taken to mitigate them.


One of the biggest is that it represents only data from the forum. Anyone who got a unit or an email that’s not on the forum isn’t represented in the data. You can decide there can’t be enough of them to matter or you can consider that the lack of the non-forum data to be significant enough to render the forum data interesting but not meaningful in aggregate as we have no way of knowing how much of the delivery focus has been on non-forum participants.


We know that there has been deliberate bias to forum regulars so I would assume non-forum customers are seeing an even lower delivery rate.

Regardless of how representative it is we know there are lots of first day customers without emails. And we can see there has been a halt in dispatches and a big slow down in emails.


The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Given the amount of crap that seems to float around about so-and-so getting an email before so-and-so, I’d be hesitant to put up any kind of announcement for any email I might receive, or already received.