International shipping... arrival... receiving the much expected mail... don't know how to call this

So I’m an international buyer and I read somewhere that internationals will ship after the domestic ones… right? …So if I bought “my precious” while the campaign would I still be recienieng the mail and the GF within the time frame posted on the top of the forum??? And if not could I change my shipping info??


Hello @mary_jimfier. What has been said is international will start shipping after domestic starts, not after all domestic orders have shipped. You can always change your shipping info by contacting tagging @Rita


That is what many of us would love to know. Nobody has any more info than the top of the page but the June update is due soon.

When you get the email you reply with the shipping address so you can change it at that point.


@kennethclapp thanks guys! Have a nice day (or night… ) :smile:


Not totally sure what you meant by “could I change my shipping info?”. Glowforge knows what country you ordered from but not the actual delivery address. If you wanted to advance the delivery date by changing to a domestic U.S. address then that would definitely need to be done through Support. Otherwise Glowforge wouldn’t consider shipping to you until all of the approvals and shipping methods were ironed out for your particular country.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I am shocked that in an earlier email correspondance i had with gf staff that intl shipping would be taken care of if the initial shipped product has defects. I now read in the warranty that shipping has to be borne by the buyer in the event of warranty claims. This is not good since shipping is half the price of the unit.

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Where have you seen the warranty?

It’s in the FAQs and elsewhere.

“For international customers, parts and repairs are free, but shipping is not included.”

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So it’s in the FAQ? Never noticed. Thanks.

The FAQs have been updated a gazillion times since the first version.


Dan sent it in the latest announcement.

Guess I’d better read it a little more closely. Totally missed it.

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Yeah, I missed the link in the email too.


Whoa! Totally correct. That might change a few peoples minds. :neutral_face:


International will start shipping after domestic but will end by the same date - the one on the (newly updated) schedule at the top.

You can email to change your shipping country.


So, what you mean is that even if the unit is ordered outside of US before a domestically purchased unit, the international unit will still be in line behind the domestic?

I have been waiting and waiting ever since this product first launched and backed you. I, like many on here, chose to remain quiet to give you guys room to work. But now, after reading a lot of the comments from the forum, it is giving me a feeling that you do not care about your customer, especially international customers.

I have seen a few of the replies that say we could simply get a refund.

My feeling towards that comment is that you know you are now funded and now that the product is almost done, you don’t care about the customers that pre ordered anymore, because there would be plenty of people out there wanting your unit anyway. This is not a good feeling.(I am not sure if anyone else agrees with me on that too.

We, as customers, have put faith in your company to provide us with the best possible product that you could make in the timeframe that you promised. (which was 2 months 2 year ago)

We have been very loyal for 2 years now.

We are there to financially backed you up as you start.

We have been telling our love ones about you.

We have been taking heat for you from our love ones

You have even asked us to refer your machine to anyone that are close to us!

But you have disappointed us yet again.

Your ‘compensation’ means nothing. It feels like a sample pack from any printer that is showing us how good ‘proof grade’ material is. It feels to me like it is more of a marketing tool than a compensation.

This is not how we would like to be treated.

We just want to know when we will actually get the unit. Not a time frame of 5 months but WHEN exactly. A quick run of your database of the number of orders matched with the number of production per week should give us a pretty good idea of of when each batch could be shipped out.

We just want to be treated fairly.


It’s really, really unfortunate that the international orders have to get moved back, and I know that the team at Glowforge hates it…

I think we all need to understand that it’s the problems associated with shipping to different countries that is causing the delay for the international shipments, and not any desire to boot the international customers to the back of the line or take advantage of them.

The Glowforge company is probably losing money on international customers, and they can’t service them as well as they can the customers in the US. That’s just logistics, pure and simple.

The international customers have a harder time ordering and getting this machine - it’s brand new, and Glowforge is a small company, not a well-established outfit selling lasers for a decade, with a steady income and a few years of dealing with international shipping. There are going to be delays and problems getting started.

It’s unfair, but it’s a function of where people reside, not whether they are more or less worthy of receiving the machine in the first batches out the door.

They are going to work out international shipping. But it takes longer to do it, and there are many different countries, all with different rules and needs for paperwork and certification.

If you ordered the machine, and you reside in a different country, you need to think about it this way… Your government has it’s own rules, that are different from those in the US. It’s just easier for them to ship the bulk of the units locally, where they are familiar with the rules and regulations, so they can clear the decks to tackle the international orders. There are fewer international orders, and each country is going to have a different set of problems to deal with.

I’m not making excuses for Glowforge. But what they are doing makes sense. They will be able to focus on the problems associated with international orders more clearly, if they get the bulk of the domestic orders out of the way.

I’m sorry about it though. It isn’t fair at all.


And yet somehow European and Asian companies don’t have the same struggle to ship internationally…

I am not as burned as some… every time i sign up for a US product i know where i am on the pecking order but i don’t think it helps anyone to pretend that it is anything less that a USA #1 attitude.


Hi Jules,

I don’t mean to be rude or anything with my message. But it is really frustrating to know that just because we are not living in the States, we are being punished for it.

I do understand what you say when there are difference in rules and regulations for international shipping. But I mean, they had 2 years to figure it out. It is not rocket science, it is about reading the rules and regulations on shipping. If they didn’t do their research in the beginning for international shipping, they should not have taken backing internationally.

We all love the product that GF is promising us. But sometimes, we are not helping them by making excuses for them.