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They ship separately but with the order (different boxes). US received them (obviously), EU received them, so I don’t see why Canada wouldn’t.


I didn’t realize that the EU had received theirs. Since I can’t buy the Glowforge proofgrade materials as a Canadian (at the moment), it doesn’t seem unreasonable to ask if they can ship the $150 worth that everyone is supposed to get.

I just saw do we not have access to the catalog. Why not? The designs are digital. I don’t see why people outside the US shouldn’t be able to access it.


I don’t know about Canada but I know the EU enforces taxes on digital downloads. I think Canada already has implemented tax rules on this, or are fixing to start enforcing them? You would probably know better than I regarding that.

Whether it’s implementing those various tax liabilities into their custom software or what, I don’t know. That would be my guess though…


Yes! Confirmed.


@dan. How can I contact you directly. I would appreciate the opportunity to speak to you one on one outside of a forum. If you could send me an email that would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you @dan!


You can send @dan a private message through the forum.


Well an update to Canada, I just received my shipping email, so it
s on it’s way !!!


I just got my shipping email as well!!


I went through all the information yesterday while giving my address and confirming shipping. Couple things I noticed and I wonder if you had a similar experience. Everything said 6 month warranty for the Basic…yet in Decemeber 2016 Dan announced that it would be bumped up to 12 months. My design catalog credit was listed at $30…but in that December 2016 announcement, it said it would be $50. And their was no mention of the $50 Inventables credit we are supposed to get either. I’ve sent an email to support about it but wondering if you saw the same numbers in your communications?


Hi, To be honest, I don’t remember that part, so I don’t know, keep me in the loop so that I can look for it on my side.


I remember that as well. Keep us posted please :slight_smile:


@simonboucher3 & @puppyvanille I will. I got a response saying that their response time is currently 3 days for people needing support with their machines and “a little longer” for any other inquiries. I’ll let you know when I hear back.


Dishonest people! They got all the money they needed to operate. Then, once they got what they wanted, we no longer matter!!!

Shipping to SA pushed back to end of April! WTF!


FWIW, they were fully funded by external investors as far as development, manufacturing and operating capitol were concerned.


My bad!

I am sorry for us!


I am too! I know it continues to be a long wait for you and other international purchasers. I can promise you though, that it’s not that you don’t matter.


There was also supposed to be an addition $20 for each month past your original expected delivery date.


From April 2018


If you go through the previous announcements you will come across this one. I’ve added a few screen shots for everyone to see as a reminder.