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Thank you…I have all this information. The issue is that my account says I have a $30 design catalog credit, rather than a $50 one. My $20 per month credit is also showing on my account and looks correct.

The other thing that I am concerned about is that all the info I received to review as I was confirming my shipping address specified a 6 month warranty, not a 12. And there was no mention of the Inventables gift certificate whatsoever.


The inventables gift certificate code is (was) emailed in the notification email that indicated your starter pack of Proofgrade materials was shipped.


So I should expect to get this code when I get my shipping notification?


Because my proofgrade materials should be coming with my GF…and I don’t have the actual shipping notification yet…I just had to verify my address and that I wanted them to ship ASAP (I also ordered the filter but I’m not waiting on that to get my machine).


You receive 3 different packages; the Glowforge, the crumbtray, and the Proofgrade materials. In the past, they’ve sent an email saying your Proofgrade materials are on the way - and in that email they mention Inventables and give the certificate code.


Thank you for letting me know! I’ll keep an eye out for it. I am mostly concerned with the warranty discrepancy but I do want answers on everything.


Warranty starts when your actual unit ships, if I recall correctly.


Yes, that’s not the issue. The issue is that we were promised a 12-month warranty in December 2016, yet all the warranty information I was given when I confirmed my address said 6 months.


You’ll get the extra six months warranty if you qualify. They don’t have two different mailouts for the new customers and the pre-order customers. But in practice, they have honored the extended warranty. I have never seen anything in writing about it though, aside from Dan giving us his word back in June 2017.


That’s maybe something they should have thought of since they are asking you to agree to the terms and conditions. I know Dan has publicly given his word but I would still prefer to have it in writing on my own purchase. I have been burned before.


Well, it’s kinda late for that now. Once you’ve agreed, you’re taking it on faith. :smile:

I know that given the delays that everyone suffered through, (and that some international customers are still suffering through), the tendency is to be scared witless.

They’re really not out to screw anyone though, and they have followed through on things as soon as they could, and they’re shipping them out as soon as they get clearance from governments. Sometimes it takes a little longer, or there are follow ups that they have to figure out, but just try to keep hanging on. The end product is worth it.

(You ought to be whipping up some designs in great excitement right about now.) :wink:


Since I have received my golden email, it’s what I have been doing :grin: so much design ideas to do.

I am even prepping a tutorial for Autodesk Inventor to Glowforge procedure.


TBH, I have to get back into the design mindset. Since I knew I had a long wait ahead of me until they were cleared to ship to Canada, I put it out of my mind and stopped looking at what everyone was posting in the forum because it just made me so angry. But now it’s time to start figuring that out. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to use it this winter without the air filter. With the cold winter temps, I might not be able to vent outdoors a lot of the time.


You might be able to install a blast gate to keep the temperatures acceptable, or a quick connect that you can detach the hose at night or when not in use. That’s definitely something that you can do now during the home stretch. There’s a lot of good suggestions in the Beyond the Manual section on what people have done.

Time for some research and prep…you can get your area ready for it and hit the ground running. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh that will be nice, we don’t have a lot of AutoDesk tutorials yet. Be sure to tag me when you publish it so that I see it. I can add it to the Matrix. :grinning:


I am actually waiting for the glowforge to arrive to build the housing for the vent for the glowforge… Joining Nasa style a round pipe in a square hole.


Post pics! :wink:


I am done waiting. Please return my money.


@chong, if you wish to cancel your order, you will need to send an email to directly. They will not process an order based on a post in the forum.

Since it has probably taken a while, make sure that any details about the credit card or bank that you used are still the same as when you ordered.

Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


I received my notice about a week ago finally, after the 3+ year wait. My delivery date is showing Dec 14th but I’m not even making room for it until it shows up at my door. It’s a basic and I’m in Victoria.