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it is bushed back to April 30 i think I am the last one will get it.


where is your location?


Canada, Quebec. I was was part of the campaign, joined about at the mid point.


Unfortunately, my friend in the US bought it after me and got it before me


April 2019 NOW why am I even surprised. Beyond disappointed. Considering I purchased in the first week of the campaign. Dan you are a business man through and through. We are now just marks on a spreadsheet. How different as to when you were looking for backers and you made us think we mattered.


Mine is Dec. 21 now. I’m in Western Canada - in Calgary. I should not have gotten excited for Nov. 15. :frowning:


So disappointed to once again get pushed out now until April with absolutely no explanation, I have friends with laser cutters from overseas with no import issues at all so cant understand why Glowforge seems to have these issues. To be one of your backers in the original campaign and to have this lack of communication isn’t great business. Now 3.5 years later and from the update when we do get the machine we still won’t even be able to access the compensated products


Mine went from Nov 15th to Dec 14th. How many more changes before this thing arrives I wonder. I think this has been 8 so far?


Really getting annoying. Mine changed too.


Mine is a basic and the date just moved again.


I decided many months ago not to expect it this year even. This is BS. I’ll build the table for it when I see it (if I ever see it).
Guaranteed this is the first and last time I ever crowd fund anything!


Mine has changed too! I am over waiting and with no word as to why yet another change I can’t believe they are not just going to change the date again when it gets closer. I can’t believe I am going to do this but we are looking at cutting our losses at getting a different machine.

What are people opinions on Emblasers 2, Epilog or Thunder laser or any other options that would be good for a School? Any help would be useful.


You’ll probably get a better response starting a new thread with the question.


I was kind of expecting that the real dates had yet to be rolled out; it didn’t seem likely that they could do all of Canada by the 15th nor have it delivered on time. On the other hand, the fact that we’re seeing differing dates means it’s likely that this is a far more certain date as they’re actually based on actual production run data


I placed my order within the first 20 hours of the original campaign - thinking I’d be in the first thousand to get my unit! I finally received the email asking for confirmation of shipping address on Nov 2, with shipping date of 15 Nov (to Canada). I checked again this evening and see it now says delivery by 21 December (within the 4-6 weeks Glowforge said it would take. So that must mean that I’m in the first lot of Canadians to get one. Or am I just being overly optimistic?


I don’t know if everyone knows that the original post in this thread was updated yesterday with news. Make sure you read the original post again. I almost missed it, since I just scrolled to the bottom to see the latest.


If you got the email, I think you’re going to get your unit. I bought Oct. 10. I have not gotten a request to confirm my address and my shipping notification has changed from Nov. 15 to Dec. 21.

Since you may be one of the first in Canada to get it, if you self-clear customs, can you update the rest of us how it went?


Thank you. I totally missed the update!


Thanks @dan for clarifying that the Founder’s discount will be extended. I’m not sure if any of us got confirmation whether or not the $150 of proofgrade materials that were supposed to ship WITH our units are going to coming to us or not though. Can you confirm?


The material component of the 11/7 update… Good and bad news depends on which Glowforge you are waiting for.