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Victoria Australia?


Sorry. No I’m in Canada.


Bugger. Lol. Oh well I’ll get it eventually. Good luck and I hope you have a lot of fun with it.


I hope you get yours soon too. It’s been a long long long wait so I hope it really lives up to it’s on line reputation.


So since the september update my scheduled arrival date for my GF has moved from February 2019 to 30th of April 2019. This is getting beyond a joke, for someone that was one of the first to put down money on this thing I feel like a very 3rd rate citizen.

I’ve gone from spruking the wonders of GF and being involved and participating in the forums to feeling dejected and that my GF it being relegated to being the last remaining and therefore least important part in my workshop. Since I backed GF I’ve backed and gotten a CNC mill and had various other things shipped.

I had dozens of projects involving the GF planned, most of which I’ve had to shelve. Local laser cutting costs here in AU are either pricey for prototyping or require long turn around times. The whole reason for me getting a GF was to make prototyping and creating small projects tenable. We’ve actually seen a few options here close their doors. So presently I have fewer options to make prototypes than when I started.

I know international logistics is complex and painful but I feel like it was left very late in the development process when it probably should have been researched up front once the business knew where all their orders were coming from.

I truely want to be excited about my GF arriving but I’m running out of steam and interest. I really don’t want to be apathetic towards my process or tools. But now I log into my Glowforge account with trepidation. My shortlived expectations that it’s going to arrive keep getting pushed out and my disappointment grows.


and to add to the fun, the update dates seem to have some minor errors - my estimated delivery date now reads 30 april 2018


I just noticed mine says the same. April 30 2018. Must have been Lost in the post. Lol.


Yep, mine too!


April 2018!! WhooHoo!!
…oh, wait…


I give up ! Already order the Beambox for Taiwan, it will delivery to me at mid of December!

Try this link if you still in the endless waiting


Any new updates @dan?


My Estimated shipping date still says Dec 14, but haven’t received any emails about shipping or to verify address, etc. Has anyone with a Dec 14 date received any info as of yet?


Yes I received the email about 6+ weeks ago asking if I still wanted it. My delivery date still says Dec 14th but I have not heard a peep yet regarding the actual shipment. I think I should have received a tracking number or something, even a confirmation that they read my reply would be a little more comforting than absolutely nothing. 1147 days since I ordered it.


Eerily quiet…


Yeah, but it is silly season. Everyone is either massively busy or dead quiet. I’d imagine they’re in the former category…hopefully.


@dan I know it’s the craziest time of year. Any chance of a christmas update for those of us on the other side of the world? Some Christmas tidings…


Update: I’m in Calgary, Canada. I received my Glowforge today via FexEx. Glowforge never sent me a notification that my unit had shipped or a tracking number so I was unable to clear customs myself. (The only notice I got was the email asking if I wanted my unit now or when the air filters are ready.)

I called FedEx to find out what the brokerage fees are going to be. They are charging $70 for customs clearance and an $11 processing fee. They were unable to see how much duty and taxes will be…so that will be interesting.

@beerfaced…are you in Canada too? You might have a surprise delivery in the next couple of days.


I didn’t get a tracking number or notification that my unit was coming. It just showed up about 10 minutes ago


I hope I get to have my GF soon too! My delivery date was Dec 7th. And I’m in Montreal :slight_smile:

Just would be nice to have a little heads up to make sure I am home…


Out of curiosity, where was it shipped from? I just got a call about a shipment from Texas that needed more information for customs and I’m wondering if that’s my Glowforge…