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A comment for shipping to Canada. I did not wait. I have a location in Sweetgrass MT that will receive a shipment from within the USA. Glowforge will ship to you if you provide a US destination. From this point the laser enters Canada to either Calgary or Edmonton or Lethbridge. Now inside Canada you can have it dropshipped to yourself. It works.
If you want me to act on your behalf to shorten the wait time let me know…

Great to hear! @dan can you update the rest of us on current rollout?

We’re all wanting to know whether August 31st is really the delivery date for Aussies.


Guys anyone had their shipping ETA passed and nothing arrived ?!

One person on the Australian GF group has posted that they’ve received their email, hoping there’s more out there… and I keep refreshing my email/spam just in case…



Do you have the link to the Australian gf group. I didn’t know there was one. Be nice to be able to communicate with other aussies about the machines


Small group but hopefully very active soon


Yup, that one… hopefully… fingers completely twisted around they’re so crossed, it’ll start to pick up once there’s some deliveries… though the main Glowforge facebook group is nice and active at the moment, though slightly depressing seeing people already having theirs go out of warranty they’ve had them that long…


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Always happy to do it here. Am not on FB.

One thing I still dont understand is how you can ship the Glowforge to the UK without any problems, but you can’t ship the proofgrade? Just sling some in the sample box that came with the printer and ship it! what’s the problem with that?

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