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you call it that, they probably call it mitigating risk on their end. you’re each right from your own perspective. i don’t blame those waiting for wanting to know, i don’t blame GF for not providing details.


That is precisely the kind of info I would like to hear. Right now I know nothing other than my date has changed once again. Perhaps for the last time, but then again I’ve thought that many times before. Everone knows government bureaucracy can be painfully slow so if that’s the issue, say so. Right now I have to believe we just aren’t that big a deal to the company. They can probably sell every machine they can make right there in the US.


No doubt. But given that they took 100% of the money up front from customers, customers are already holding the bag in terms of risk. So that’s a crappy way to (habitually and as a matter of policy) treat customers.

But hey, be sure to tell your friends and family about Glowforge!



i don’t know what to tell you. it is what it is. it is what it has been for nearly 3 years. expecting what they tell you to change today vs what they’ve always said feels foolish. we’ve literally seen this exact argument for more than 2 years and gotten the same crickets the whole time.

lots of companies operate similarly (although mostly without the 2.5 yr delays). would it be nice to know more? of course. but we’re not going to find out more, no matter how often people complain about it.


Again delay!! The schedule is a joke. I’m seriously considering a refund now.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The laws on battery operated handheld laser pointers over 5mW are strict.

I purchased a 4 watt entertainment laser projector from Germany and imported it into Australia with absolutely no problem at all, absolutely no questions asked, this was however on a personal aspect and was not being commercially resold.
I have also brought in several other high powered laser modules over the years without issues.
As the Glowforge is being brought into the country as a commercial product this process would be different, electrical and laser compliance is required , but should in no way take three plus years!


I would rather get a list of countries with the reasons the shipping dates keep getting delayed, than just wait and watch my shipping date get changed every time it gets close. I understand that certifications are needed and, in many cases, the wait is due to the slow process of getting the government to respond. But, you see, I’m in Thailand. In Thailand, when you want things to move more quickly (or at all) you need to grease the wheels. If I knew where the paperwork was sitting, I might be able to move it along from over here. I could hire a local to get the job done fairly quickly. Or, tell me shipping here is years away and I’ll fly to the USA and pick it up. The ticket and oversize baggage fees are cheaper than what it costs to ship it here.


I’ve placed an EU order. How many business days does it take before I get a shipment id to track?


Dan posted a few days ago that the Pro and Basic are back ordered. If you ordered a Plus, I would expect within a few days. If you ordered a Pro or Basic, presumably when the back orders are cleared.


Dan i’m willing to help the team in getting things ready for Glowforge to be delivered to SA.

Please find the attached pdf file from the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Org. With all the details on the procedures of issuing Certificate of Conformity for products to be exported to Saudi Arabia.


I’m in the same boat. My significant other has even gone as far as to get info packets, send me emails and tag me in posts about other machines that I could have within a few weeks. Not only within a few weeks but cheaper. To say that I’m disappointed, again, would be an understatement. At this point I’ve invested so much time, explained and protected my investment from naysayers, been stressed, excited and mad that it would be a waste to throw in the towel now. It’s been 3 years. I’m getting that damn machine one way or another! lol:upside_down_face:


it has also jumped from October 2018 to February 2019 ad I live in Norway and every country around Norway have their GF on the table. Why is it harder to send to Norway then for example Sweden or Iceland?

and is some new freebies package following the extra waiting because some of the previous freebies will end this year :slight_smile:


I live in BC, shipped mine to the US and imported it myself, had no issues at all. I know 2 others that have done the same…


After reading this, I understand a bit more about why this process is taking so long. I thank the Glowforge Team for your hard effort in getting this to us international customers. Even Canadians can be rude in these circumstances. Please don’t spit in our air filters :stuck_out_tongue:


Snort! :smile:


Same here from Hong Kong, date is Feb 2019…and filter March 31. Almost giving up hope on this company


If Canada is on track for Nov 1st but units are currently back ordered… Will that thus change our dates again? Is it Nov 1st shipping date or delivery by?


Nov 1st is the estimated date that GF will contact you to confirm your shipping details. Once you receive that email from them it will be up to 6 weeks before your unit arrives at your home.


If you look at the estimate it now says “Estimated Delivery Date”
They changed it a few months ago and said that yes the wording does reflect the expectation


Thanks @robgriesbeck. It’s so tempting to do just that. I know I’m being overly cautious about ‘compliance’ issues (likely CSA approval) but it’s my nature. I’m traveling in the next little while and hopefully that will be enough of a distraction to take me across the finish line. I’ll still ship to the US and bring it up if only to save a few hundred dollars on shipping costs. One more delay and I’ll be making a phone call and taking a drive :wink: