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Oh joy. I was like you, Nov 15th. And now, it’s just been changed to Dec 07th. But I guess it will also change at some point again to Feb 28th, 2019.

Oh and yeah, also a Canadian :slight_smile:


I’m from Canada and my date was november 15 and now it’s change for the
2019 February 28 …


Same here. @dan will there be something explaining this in the monthly update? As of last month everything was on track and now it’s jumped again. This time by quite a bit


No matter how many of us try to ask, these questions will never be answered.


Where are you from? From your name, I guess you are also from Quebec :slight_smile:


Yes north west of Quebec.
At 20 minutes of Ontario line.


I’m from Montreal. I can’t wait to get the GF. We have amazing stores where we can buy all kind of wood :slight_smile:


Mine moved from 15 Nov to 14 Nov. :slight_smile: Drummondville region here.


I’m from Singapore and my shipping date jumped to April 2019. It’s unreal.


Australia - moved from January 15 to April 30. I’m not going to bother putting the year on as I don’t think it matters! 2015 -2021 whatever. It seems so long ago I parted with my money for a dream. Still a dream at the moment.


I’m in Australia as well and my date just changed to April 30 as well. I think I’m just going to log out of gf forum and one day I’ll get surprised when it shows up. Although it will be completely obsolete by then. I just don’t get why it is taking so long and why we can’t get an explanation as to why our dates keep getting pushed back.


Wow. Canadian here. Feb 2019 now . This is ridiculous.


Du 15 au 14? Lucky duck :wink:


Ouin… J’ai parlé trop tôt. :frowning: 14 Dec maintenant.


C’est dejà mieux un mois de plus.
Je suppose que tout dépend de notre date d’achat.


Me too , I have à woodworking shop in Rouyn-Noranda. I hope than I could use Glowforge for gabarit and other projects.
An artist come me to try somes others tricks.


Mine also moved from Nov 15 to Feb 28 [I’m in Canada]. Ugh.

I should look around online, see if anyone has taken one apart and get a bill of materials. I can probably source the parts and build one myself, and have it working before then! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just checked mine thanks to your post, and the same thing, I ordered a Pro, wonder if that’s why… Super dissappointed, going to be another Christmas without :sob:


Literally yesterday or just the night before my Shipping date was still November 15th. It’s now December 14th, changed literally just over a week from when I actually finally was hoping I would see it.

What happened?


Hi Dan,

Why is my delivery date bushed back another 6 months it was bush back twice, I am wondering some country got it fast and other no.