Internet connected clock (prototype)

Been working on this wood-effect internet connected clock

The part I would like your advice on is how to bond the layers together (plywood and acrylic). I wanted to avoid screws, would superglue work?


Glue works, but brass pins can also add some nice detail without being boring screws. If alignment is really important, the pins are a quick way to keep everything exact without looking too obtrusive.


Cool, will look at that, thank you

Also, there are screws and then there are screws. If screws are the best tool for the job, you could lean into it and make them a part of your aesthetic. Get some nice hex or torx screws and they can be accents.

Take a look at what @pubultrastar did here:

Screws don’t have to be plain silver pan heads, you can jazz it up. There are screws in all colors and shapes one amazon away.


You might also want to look into threaded inserts for your acrylic layer.