iPad Engraving


Thought I’d finally chime in and post my iPad engraving. Ended up eyeballing the alignment, still a tad off, but the quality of the engraving came out nice. Any other lost fans out there?


Nice job! :sunglasses:


A brave man I say…brave…


Sure am… now and then I consider getting a “work man” jumpsuit for offical lasering safety gear.

If you’ve never read this, it’s got a good sense of humor and some great insights… it’s a bit derelict nowadays but worth a read nonetheless:




Believe it or not, I have the jumpsuit. You’ve inspired me…

Thanks for the read, needed something to fill the gaps this morning!


I have a DHARMA Pearl station patch I keep intending to put on my scuba drysuit.


What settings did you use?


I just went with the recommendation from Mike via this post:

S-1000, P-99, LPI-340


Ended up doing the MacBook as well! Not finished with this yet, but these engravings worked out nicely as well.



Gonna have to jump off this cliff soon.