iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Stand Files

Here are the files for the iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Stand project.

iPhone MagSafe Stand

This ZIP file includes the Fusion 360 model.

iPhone 12 MagSafe Stand.zip (3.8 MB)


Nice share - thanks!!!
I’m still on 7s though, but one of these days it’ll die on me…


Damn you are living in the distant future compared to me lol, I’m still using my 5 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We can call that vintage styling!


Original 6 for me.


I think in a few more iterations of the iphone i will technically be a hipster, or hipster adjacent.


Making me feel obsolete (which I guess I am)…I’m still on 6+



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Clean design, thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing!!

Thanks for the files. My wife has a 12 max coming soon, so I was looking at how to adjust your file for the larger size. I saw that you used parameters for material thickness and MagSafe diameter, but not for the overall size. I tried to look at the sketches, but I keep getting the error message “some of the features you are trying to set to visible are set to invisible currently in Object Visibility Options from display settings”. I can see the outline of the sketch in the extrude features, but I just can’t seem to get the sketch to display. Did some of the moving or combining make the sketches not visible early in the timeline?

I’m also trying to get started using Colorific. I can see you made a material setup. How did you get all the pieces on one plane? Do you have the paid version that has the auto-arrange, or do you just manually “arrange” surfaces so that they are all in the same plane?

I’ll try to take a look tomorrow evening. I would normally have made it completely parametric but I was just playing around with a sketch and the experiment turned into the final product. It might have to do with activating the right component. I can’t be sure unless I sit down and try it.

As for arranging, unfortunately yes. I thought the new arrange feature was available in the free version but it turns out not to be the case. You can do the same thing manually, it’s just tedious.

Yeah, that’s what I was playing with. But when I roll the timeline back to just after the first sketch, before the first extrude (so no bodies or components exist), I get the same thing.

Thanks for the confirmation on the “arranging”. I just re-read the colorific step by step, where the suggestion was to create a setup for each piece, and I thought there had to be a way to put the pieces all on the same plane. I spent way to much time trying this with joints before I saw a video containing the arrange command for this step.

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I see the problem:

I think I had turned that off to make a better screenshot.

Thanks. I was not aware of that set of options.

Updated for the iPhone 13 Pro. (Added a hole for the camera bump so it fits better)

iPhone 13 MagSafe Stand


Thank you for this practical file. I bet lots of people will find it quite useful.

I wonder if I will still have a Glowforge when I get an iPhone 13. I bought the original iPhone, then bumped up to the 6 but that is as far as I got.


Anyone know if this will fit the IPHONE13? TIA

Suggest making one from draftboard or cardboard to find out. From photos, the camera island seems smaller but in approximately the same place. It’s an easy edit to change it.

Fits the Iphone 13! Thanks so much!

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