Is iron on inkjet transfer paper laser-able?

Thoughts? This is what I’m looking at:

Avery Dark T-Shirt Transfers, Matte, 8-1/2" x 11", 5 Sheets (3279)


I don’t know about that one but I have cut Steam n Seam2 Lite without any issue. This is the post that where use of Steam n Seam was discussed. This person uses it for quilting, but i have been using it for making appliqué for clothing. Quilting with the Glowforge


Is there a reason to laser cut it? I had actually planned on buying this last winter, and I may have I’ll have to look through my supplies, but then squirrel!

The reason I ask is that I think of it like doing an engrave - you “print white” where you don’t want anything so you only ever have a rectangular print. So I am curious what your idea is that you need to laser cut it.

Hmmm…maybe to cut out negative areas in the print for use on dark colored clothing? Or just to create a complex white shape to iron on?

According to the reviews on Amazon you can’t get white. Presumably the transfer membrane is clear. Otherwise you would always have a white rectangle, with color in it, on a dark shirt. I was thinking that maybe the negative area left some clear material on the shirt and he didn’t want that, but that idea seemed a little thin.

Ah. I only looked at the photos, and there were white areas, so I assumed it ironed on white, since I’ve never had a printer that could print white!

From the description: "These transfers feed easily through most inkjet printers, and a special white layer helps your designs stand out against dark backgrounds. "

I suspect the reviews cover several different products, including the light background version, which is not white, but clear.

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Correct – I’m not sure what’s going to happen to the “negative” areas & figured lasering them out would be the safest/cleanest way. And I get to use the laser :blush:

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You should try this material. You can laser away the material you don’t need and make intricate designs.

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Very cool! I’ll earmark that for next time. I need to have this little project done by this weekend, so won’t have time to order it.

If you happen to be within even a long driving distance of a Johnson Plastics’ location consider it for small orders as they allow pickup and they have an, ahem, shipping charge.

I was hoping someone would figure this out! What settings did you use? Got any photos? I tried for hours and couldn’t get that material to do much but blister or burn away the backing. I’m anxious to hear what you were able to do with it as I’ve got a pile of the “sample pack” sitting idle next to my T-shirt press!