Is it possible to engrave on a rolling pin with a Glowforge Plus?

Is it possible to engrave on a rolling pin with a Glowforge Plus? If so, how?

The maximum thickness of an engravable item is 2". If your rolling pin is 2" or less (they are usually more than that), you can engrave it by removing the crumb tray. However, you cannot engrave all the way around, except by manual methods of engrave, turn, engrave, turn, etc.


Once warranties expire, I suspect someone will cut out the bottom of their machine and start tinkering with thicker items and possibly even cylindrical roller mechanisms… but we’re not quite there yet.


Happened with the 3D printers. Modified table to allow for a 3 foot drop.
I do not have the time or need to 3D print for days though.

Actually a more useful mod for something like a laser (time wise), but the safety risks get stupid in a hurry.
I for one would not be happy with everyone in blast shields because the laser is running. Would have to be in it’s own closet.

It is possible to make one on a Glowforge Plus for ravioli.

Not that I would recommend this, and I’m also ignoring defocusing issues, but there are several inches of Y-axis travel between the place where something barely fits under the head and where it would fail to fit under the air assist fan scoop.

If you had a roller mechanism you might not have to worry about fitting under the head either. Hmm.

Someone posted photos of a prototype here once upon a time…I haven’t gotten enough caffeine to my morning brain yet to remember the proper keywords for searching, so you’re kind of on your own, but “rolling pin” might be a good start…

I think it was @karaelena