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Branded Rolling Pin by @iliketomakestuff

Beta Project - Ravioli Roller!
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

That was pretty cool. It sure takes a lot of equipment! As a non woodworker, I’m enjoying being able to do some work in wood without having any traditional tools.


GF :glowforge: sighting at 3:40


I probably won’t use it much…But I’m always looking for an excuse to use my new lathe.

Well, nobody here would ever just do something because they had a laser. :wink:


You could probably make it much faster with just hardwood sheets stacked with those circles, rather than starting with square blocks, gluing them up then dado and then lathing to round, then recutting…


I thought the same thing at first and then realized his point was an interesting video (and an excuse to use his lathe).


The entire thing could probably have been done on the glowforge (minus the sanding at the end.)


I use mine way more than I thought I would. I find it’s fun to knock off small projects because you can go from raw wood to finished projects in 1-2 hours.


But then the video would be too short to plug audible.


Minus the dowel through the center for stability (keep it from twisting for heavy handed lugs like myself, LOL!)


Stacked disks would definitely work and be much easier. Aesthetically, though, I don’t love the look of that, so I wonder if it would work to have 2 spaced disks and a wrapping of veneer around them. The horizontal seam might indent into the pasta, though, so maybe it wouldn’t work. I really want to give it try, though. Another thing to add to the list.


You need to stack disks, as you need thick circles to press the ravioli edges together (although to be real awesome you could make one in the center slightly taller out of 1/8" to be the cutter.


You would need to seal the hell out of the plywood edges though. Hardwood is much better since it won’t delaminate.


Not really. The cutting function is all you “need”.

Pressing the dough is best done with fingertips.


How does that involve using more lasers? :grin:


I’m definitely making one of these!


Awesome and quick rendering! Though, you’re missing all of the charred edges!

Mmmm…burnt wood in my ravoli…tasty…

Though, as I initially meant that to be sarcastic, I remember cooking chili once I burned the crap out of the bottom of the pot and the chili. It was when I was in college and it was for an engineering club meeting. I still took it, even though I thought it tasted like someone dumped an ashtray in it. Turns out, people enjoyed it and ate it all. But now that I reflect on it, perhaps it was because we were in college and it was free food…hmm… :smiley:


Just say it was in a wood fired oven!


Free food in company break rooms seems to go the same way.


A few rounds of pasta through the crimper would take the taste right out. But where are the little scored grooves/flutes?