Is it random who gets their glow forge first?

I just wonder who get there glow forge first is it by order date or random. I see a lot of people getting there if its not a problem could you please let us know your purchase date.

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i’m pretty sure there are a number of threads going on about dates; someone’s put together a google spreadsheet. if you search around the forum, you’re likely to find it.

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Hi and welcome to the forum! Shipping has been discussed ad nauseam lately and there’s just too much to really cover. Basically no, it’s not random, but it’s not as simple as going by order date either. We don’t know the exact criteria GF is using though so much of what you’ll read is speculation on how they are going about it.

Here’s the discussion jrnelson mentioned. It has a lot of info and the spreadsheet

This will get ya started too. :slight_smile:

Just in case you haven;t seen this either.


I am curious, what do you imagine the benefit of random shipping would be to the business? Personally, I imagine it would be much harder to track and more expensive to throw a dart at a map and say this one.


I’m thinking of the possiblilty that Glowforge is trying to ship to as many states as possible to gather data on how the machines fair from start point to destinations. I’d be interested to the rural locations. Now is the best time to adjust packaging before going international


I order October 20 just wanted to know the order dates of people who have
them already it might be able to give me a ruff idea I will get mys.

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there were 6000 orders by the 20th

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unfortunately it won’t because we have no idea how quickly per day glowforge is making basics or pros, and that ratio will change in the coming month anyway

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I think that @cindyhodesigns has got it in one. My impression is that they are not ‘spamming deliveries’ because they want to be 100% sure that their carrier and their processes are correct.
These are expensive and difficult to ship units, imagine if they sent out 100 with a 10% failure rate… that would be difficult for all involved and would not help the Brand at such a crucial time.

As with ever single backer/kickstarter campaign i have seen… we are on the home straight, there is no need to panic or rush things now.