Is the air filter vapor ware?

Have you actually made a working version of the air filter yet? My account says October 31st 2019. Are you going to hit that date or will it move to October 31st 2020?

I love the glowforge but you consistently over promise and under deliver when it comes to dates. I need to move my glowforge where I will not be able to vent outside and the alternative option will not fit. I would like the product I paid for a year and a half ago.

Are you going to make the date ?

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Did you see that you can swap out the GF designed filter for the Comoqct Filter at no additional cost? It’s available now for all who pre-ordered.

For my purposes and a space set up the design of the CF is actually much better than the Glowforge design, as I was not looking forward to picking up Glowforge every time I wanted to change the filter .

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notice of compact filter for review The Glowforge Compact Filter

Original post said it wouldn’t fit:

Also, I don’t know that people are getting the compact filter - a bunch of threads where they’ve tried to order it (or swap) and not getting a date from GF. They may have run out of their initial run with the alternative manufacturer.


I also have been waiting and looking at the filter cost vs volume of the Compact filter I dearly hope they will improve that issue. I am also looking at some way to have a drawer that the filter can slide out or that they have a way that allows removal of the filters from the front,

No matter the wait, I would prefer waiting longer to have those issues not be issues, than spend so much longer stuck with those issues that might be solved by waiting, With the Universe as it currently is, by the time a design is mature it is obsolete. The target may be a moving one, but I would rather be riding a good wave than sitting with version 1 and version 3 is so much better.

Far better to rearrange your working area than yell at the universe that it should fit your needs. I am pretty certain that they are trying to accomplish what they set out to do.

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Unfortunately, we have encountered delays in Glowforge Air Filter production. We had to make significant changes to get the performance we know you want and expect.

We have, however, been able to source a new option while we finish the Glowforge Air Filter. It’s called the Compact Filter, and it’s a floor-standing alternative that is designed to work perfectly with your Glowforge. The Compact Filter is available to customers like you who would like to receive it instead of their Glowforge Air Filter.

You can read more about it and sign up to switch your order here The Glowforge Compact Filter

Of course, if this shipping timeline doesn’t work for you, we can help you cancel your Air Filter order - just let us know.