Is the app down

unable to connect my replacement unit

Not seeing any issues at the moment, but I don’t know how often that page is refreshed.

I am trying to setup a replacement unit and the dashboard will not open up

I can’t get to dashboard, either. Used it about an hour ago, but its blank now.

You’re starting with , correct?

yes I am able to connect pc to glowforge but when I connect to wifi I can not open the app

this is so unreal it isn’t funny

So fustrating

Must be some thing with the app i see blank screen as well and i was just cutting 10 min ago whent to re open and nothing

so I can’t get setup til it gets back up

I think its the app. I’ve run every diagnostic on my computer and software.

dang glad it is a hobby I would hate to know I depended on it for a living

I think something is wrong mine isn’t working either just is a blank page ive tried refreshing restarting different web browers still nothing was fine this morning I tried emailing them hopefully some response soon

yea I know one thing I am gonna look at something else too many things going wrong from the start almost 2 months now and have not printed my 1st print yet

Same problem here, was working earlier but wont connect to the app for me either.

wow im sorry is it not connecting at all for you? I honestly haven’t had too much trouble just with the app sometimes this is the 1st that it didn’t work when I refreshed and restarted

I’m sorry you are having such problems! I’ve found it frustrating a few time, but when it works it is great! Have you emailed them?

well I orderd jan 29th and received feb 26 and out of the box it connect load prints sent it to printer light blinking and push the button nothing happens go back to pc and cancel and light stops flashing they sent a replacement received it today and unable to get it connected the pc see the glowforge but the dashboard will not open

I wanted to throw mine against the wall the first day, lol. But once it’s set up and working, you will love it. A couple of us have emailed them, and hopefully this app thing will get fixed soon. I’ve had mine since mid-December and I’m blown away at all I’ve done with it. This is the first time I’ve encountered this app problem, so hopefully it’s temporary and won’t happen again.

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I’m so sorry for the trouble with your replacement unit. The team is looking into the issues you and others are reporting with the app right now, and I’ll follow up just as soon as we know more.