Is there a way to find out who in your area also has a GF?



It may be useful to have a Meetup or some kind of group where you can meet face-to-face and troubleshoot or show-and-tell prototypes.

(I’m in the Rochester, NY btw)


Yes indeed, one of the early members created a Glowforge Map.


Happy cakeday!


nope. outside of the forums, facebook group, and the user map-generated map, but none of these will capture everyone around you. best bet is to keep an eye on all three.


The map is cool. Thank you!


Thanks! What’s a cakeday? Or should I say, how did you know I was currently eating cake?


One year anniversary of the day you joined the forum. :grin:


Ok. I will keep an eye out. The map was good, but there was only one person in my area and there must be more.


There likely are more, however the map is voluntary for people to add themselves.


If not useful, certainly fun!

I currently see six others in my area (Philly). I’ll be looking forward to a Philly-area meetup once all the 'forges have shipped. (Save the date: 12-Jan-2018)


Isn’t that what everybody eats while reading the forum?

Happy cakeday.


usual faire for me… it’s no secret why i’m back up to 280lbs…


Hey you might want to re check that day it may be a little hard to make plans in the past


Let’s just have a Glowforge Convention!


Oh, fine… For you non-time-travelers, I made it next year instead.


Sorry the closest thing to time travel for most of us non-Tartarus owners is a good old fashioned photograph and our own memories but glad to hear you now living for the future and not the past.


Oh now I remember! That’s how I figured out @joe and I are neighbors.


What do we want?
Time travel!!!

When do we want it?


I’ve tried explaining that to people… That if time travel will ever exist, it would have always existed.


I feel the same way. Over a million people in my greater metro area and I’m the only one on the map. if I go up to DC, it’s a different story.