Is this an orange button?

Last night I had a job stop in the middle of a print job. The button turned this color…

I turned it off and on and I was able to print the rest of the job. Then it turned orangish?

I search the forum and found references to overheating, the job I ran was about 6 to 8 minutes. But I thought I would go ahead and clean the lens and camera. Still need luck. Then this evening I checked the exhaust and it had a bit of “dust”, but by no means was it blocked. I cut a few cardboard circles and it is turn that orange color again.

What’s going on?


No, it is not a super moon.


If it’s overheating, cleaning is probably not the issue. What’s the room temperature? Basic or Pro? How long did you wait after it paused?

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Basic. My wife likes a cool house. The thermostat is set to 71° F, the problem started yesterday. I had off all day.

It looks like it is a calibration issue. I thought the color meant overheating.
Looks like others are having calibration issues today too.

Yellow color used to mean contact support, there’s a problem.

From the Troubleshooting section:

When your Glowforge can’t print, the button turns yellow. Check to see what you can do to resolve the problem - for example, you might see that your Glowforge isn’t online.

If you don’t see any problems, or if you’re not sure of the solution, the situation may have resolved itself. You can try the following:

Turn your Glowforge off
Wait 30 seconds
Turn it back on

If you’re still having problems, reach out to and let us know what happened just before the button changed color and the time and date of the change.


If the light is orange It’s is getting too hot, but you don’t need to cancel the print. It happened to me a few days ago and it resumed the print in like a minute or two.


Like Jules said, my understanding is that the color represents a problem, one of which may be overheating. If that is the case, like @rodrigobrionesm said when it cools down the machine will resume right where it left off.

When my exhaust was restricted I had a couple of those. If it happens during an engrave, there will likely be a visible line where the pause happened.
The power of the tube diminishes as its temperature increases, once the temperature reaches a specified threshold the machine shuts down to prevent damage to the tube. Once it cools down and resumes, full power is restored and where it it resumes will likely be a bit darker than where it stopped.


Pretty sure that’s either a hunter or Harvest Moon.

I don’t think it is overheating. This first job I did tonight was 32 seconds. Then the button turned orange for the second job.