Is this the only way to open a help ticket? My last one has not had a response

After being stuck on “centering” and running all of the usual fixes, Glowforge sent me a black lid cable. I turned off my machine, unplugged it, installed the cable, and nothing. Tried again and again and it looked like everything was seated perfectly but still nothing was happening. On the last time I turned it on and smelled burning plastic, so I shut it off immediately and haven’t touched it since.

I am not sure what else to do now. I bought this Glowforge in October of this year. My other Glowforge is a refurb which I also bought around the same time, and it works okay, but it does not work nearly as consistently as this one did until the lid cable issue.

Hi @jenny.x.knox,

I see that you already have a forum post open for this issue and that my colleague Mike sent you a response there yesterday. To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this thread and we will continue working with you on your other forum post: Installed replacement black lid cable. Still stuck on centering, alternating with lid open error.